Top 10 Myths About ‘Healthy’ Foods

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Over the years, a number of myths have been formed about healthy food which when revealed, are quite shocking.


1. Eating too much fruit will lead to blood sugar problems

If you are eating healthy food, you must be eating some fruits too. Many people believe that since these fruits contain natural sugars, they will instantly have blood sugar problems. They feel that if they eat too much fruit, they will get a sugar rush that will subside soon, leaving them empty. This is not true. Fact is that if your blood sugar is high, it has nothing to do with the fruit.


2. Fruit can lead to Candida

Many people believe that if they eat too many mangoes, bananas or apple, they will get Candida. They self-diagnose themselves and panic to no extent. Fact is that this is not true and if they do not believe it, they should visit a doctor.


3. Carrots will improve your eyesight

Many people who have thick glasses and those who find it difficult to even recognize themselves in the mirror without their contacts start nibbling on carrots day in and day out with the hope that it will improve their eyesight. However, while carrots are definitely good for you as they are healthy, they will not change your eyesight. Therefore, keep those glasses on and stop overdosing on the carrots.


4. Eating too many bananas will lead to an overdose of potassium

While too much of supplemental potassium will definitely cause problems, natural potassium is completely safe. Even though bananas contain about 1,200 mg of this element, you do not need to worry.


5. Fruit can lead to the development of cancerous cells in the body

This myth is completely untrue. In fact, the more fruit you eat, the more you will keep cancer at bay. Therefore, those patients who have cancer should munch on a whole of fruits through the day instead of avoiding it. People believe that since cancer cells expand after feeding on sugar, fruits are dangerous. However, this is simply not true.


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