Top 10 Places That You Are Restricted From Entering

While there are a good number of haunted places and streets in the world, fact is that you can enter them. However, these places have been restricted from entering for various reasons.


1. Mezhgorye

This is a town in Russia which is said to be the resting point of those who are said to be working on the Mount Yamantaw which is a 5,389 feet tall mountain. It is believed that the United States is trying to build a massive nuclear facility there or a bunker.

2. Vatican Secret Archives

Despite the name, these archives are not ‘secret’. While you are given the liberty to inspect and scrutinize any document, you are not permitted to walk into the archive. If you wish to find a document, you must send in a request after which it will be delivered to you.


3. Club 33

This club is in Disneyland and sells great liquor. It is private and is considered to be restricted feature of this popular theme park. The address plate simply reads ‘33’ and one must pay at least 10,000 dollars in order to become a member. But don’t hold your breath- the waiting list is 14 years long.


4. Moscow Metro-2

This metro system is underground and is said to be secret. It was built during Stalin’s time and was called the D-6. Neither the FSB nor the Moscow Metro Administration has established its existence. The metro system is about 200 meters deep and has 4 lines.


5. White’s Gentlemen’s Club

This club was established in 1693 and is an exclusive club only for English men. It is well known for its ‘betting book’ and the consequent unusual gambles that these men make. So why is it restricted? This is because women cannot enter or join this club and if you are a man who wishes to enter it, you will have to go through a long-drawn process and satisfy a number of conditions.


6. Area 51

This is basically a military base which is found in the lower part of Nevada and about 144 kilometers away from Las Vegas. A large field is situated at its center which is used for experiments related to weapons and aircraft. This place is restricted and is hardly ever acknowledged by the United States Government.


7. Room 39

Also known as Bureau 39, this organization was established during the 1970s. Nobody knows too much about this organization but people say that it is widely used for the purpose of money laundering, counterfeiting and various other illegal transactions.


8. Ise Grand Shrine

This shrine is the most sacred in Japan and was established way back in 4BC. It holds a sacred mirror called the Naiku and the shrine is broken down and built again every 20 years because of certain traditions. Only those who belong to the Japanese Imperial Family can enter the Ise Grand Shrine.


9. Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center

This place is restricted and many people are glad as they wouldn’t want to enter it anyway. It is said to be the ‘last hope’ region and was said up during the cold war era. As is seen in movies, this center is considered to be that place where people go in order to escape doom during doomsday.


10. RAF Menwith Hill

This is a military base which runs in collaboration with a spy network. It is used for the operation of a number of satellites and was also used for the purpose of monitoring certain communications during the cold war.

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