Top 10 Most Unusual Music Videos Of All Time

While some music artists sing badly but manage to do well, others sing well but their lyrics are outlandish. However, others create music videos that are anything but ordinary.

1. Angel

This song has been sung by Massive Attack- a duo from England and is listed under the “trip-hop” genre. “Angel” was a very popular and can be found on the soundtrack of many successful movies. The video revolves around a man who is shown to be walking down a parking lot. As he goes along, more and more people join him until a massive mob is formed which then starts chasing him. The end is shocking and quite weird.


2. Inside the Fire

”Inside the Fire” has been sung by Disturb- a band which has been known to delve into ‘darker’ issues. Even though all their videos are slightly odd, this one definitely takes the cake. The video shows a man (the lead singer) walking into a room and seeing his girlfriend hanging from the ceiling. The lyrics have been written in such a way that the listeners are meant to believe that The Devil is tempting the man to reunite in Hell with his lover by killing himself too.


3. Tarantula

This song has been sung by Smashing Pumpkins and while the lyrics are not all that unusual, the video definitely is. It is reminiscent of the 60s and 70s with its ‘trippy’ hues and bizarre effects.


4. Lie Lie Lie

This song has been sung by Serj Tankian and shows the vocalist killing his girlfriend by throwing her to her death. The music does not match this mood and is quite upbeat. The singer gives the song an unusually sweet feeling by sugar-coating the obviously dark elements.


5. Simple Survival

Sung by Mushroomhead, Simple Survival’s music shows a couple running across a ramshackle building as they are being chased by people in masks. In addition to that, some peculiar colors are laced through the entire song- making it quite strange.


6. Wait and Bleed

This song has been sung by Slipknot and the video shows the band members in masks and if that wasn’t enough, they are also in puppet form- stop motion style. They terrorize a mad scientist’s lab which is hideous and maggot-infested. The video comes to an end when they manage to set the doctor on fire.


7. Dragostea Din Tei

Sung by O-Zone, the video of this song is popular as it shows a fat bespectacled man who is dancing on a chair. And if that was not weird enough, there are some animations that will boggle your mind and a completely irrelevant airplane that will more than confuse you.


8. Third Reich ‘N Roll

While a few of the unusual videos mentioned in this video could have deeper meaning attach to the, this one definitely is not one of them. Third Reich ‘N Roll can be racist but then again, it may not be. The main gist of the video is quite a mystery even today.


9. Spiders

Spiders has been sung by System of a Down- a band which is known to create not only odd videos but odd songs as well. Spiders is certainly one of them as it shows a woman who resides in an unusual facility. She has such nightmares which focus mainly on the weird landscape and the equally peculiar people that reside there.

10. Schism

Sung by Tool, this song features some creepy creatures that cannot be described. One has to watch this video in order to understand the extent of its weirdness.

Don’t watch any of these films before bed, you may have some nightmares in store.

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