Top 10 Ways to Survive in Prison

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While we all hope that you never go to prison, the following tips will come in handy in case you manage to land yourself in some serious trouble.


1. Stay away from punks

In jail, this term is used to describe those people who attach themselves to new inmates and are referred to as their ‘girlfriends’. It is done mainly for protection and the inmate may benefit in the short run but ultimately the other prisoner will not only abuse the inmate but also treat him like a slave.

2. Keep Quiet

When in prison, only speak when you are spoken to. This means that you should not talk about unnecessary things and definitely not discuss your crime. This becomes all the more important if you have been convicted for a sexual crime. If you are foolish enough to brag about it, you will become a huge target for brutality and rape.


3. Do Not Gamble

If you want to die in prison, you should definitely start gambling behind bars. When you play with other prisons, you will find yourself in a lose-lose situation. If you lose, you make them angry and if you win, you make them angrier. However, it is okay to play a few friendly games as this will help you pass time faster.


4. Respect the Guards and the Prisoners

If an incidents occurs in the jail and you know who is behind it; keep it to yourself if the guard asks you anything about it. If you start telling on your inmates, you will have to face the music. In addition to that, be sure to be nice to the guards whenever you can.


5. Understand that nobody is nice

If somebody is in prison, it probably means that he is not a kind person, unless of course he has been wrongly accused. Therefore, if somebody lends you something, always refuse because if you don’t, you will become indebted to that person and end up getting killed eventually.


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