Top 10 Popular Movies About Mental Illness

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Movies that revolve around a character with mental illness are always fun to watch because the ending is always climatic and shocks the audience.


1. Play Misty for Me (Borderline Personality Disorder)

Evelyn Draper is an obsessive fan who dotes on Dave Garver, a Disc Jockey. She starts dating him and ultimately admits that she’s the one who keeps calling him and asking him to play the well-known song “Misty”. Evelyn then takes to stalking the man, ruining his career, killing his maid and basically, destroying his life.


2. Through a Glass Darkly (Schizophrenia)

Karin is a young woman who has recently checked out from a mental hospital. She decides to spend time on the family island with her father, brother and husband. Karin slowly loses touch with reality and her relationship between the family members gradually changes as well.


3. Ordinary People (Anxiety Disorder)

Bath and Calvin are married and they have one son- Conrad. Their other son dies and the family is overwhelmed with grief. Conrad is guilty and tries to commit suicide and is told to meet with a psychiatrist. It is then revealed that Beth always loved the other son more which is why she finds it hard to show love towards Conrad. This is an amazing story of compassion and love.


4. Psycho (Dissociative Identity Disorder)

Norman Bates grows up emotionally disturbed because his mother, Norma, drills it into his head that women are loose and sex is the root of all evil. Norman then kills her and her new lover because he is overcome with jealousy. He develops the disorder and takes on Norma’s personality.


5. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? (Autism)

Gilbert Grape lives with his family which includes Arnie, his autistic brother. It is Gilbert’s job to take care of him which he finds quite difficult as he works at minimum wage at a grocery store. Becky enters the picture and Gilbert falls in love with her. A really amazing performance by Johnny Depp makes it a must watch.


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