Top Ten Tiniest Dangerous Animals

These animals are mostly insects who are definitely small but are also extremely dangerous. They have the ability to inflict a great deal of pain and while we should be lucky we do not come in contact with them, others live amongst them day after day.


1. Anopheles Mosquitoes

This animal is definitely the tiniest most dangerous animal on Earth as it transmits malaria. This disease leads to about 3 million deaths on a yearly basis. These mosquitoes also transmit yellow fever and dengue.


2. Bullet Ant

Even though you may live to tell the tale after getting bitten by a bullet ant, it is an experience that you will never forget. The pain is excruciated and lass for 24 hours. There are certain rituals in some parts of the world wherein young boys are told to keep their hands in gloves that are filled with bullet ants as this marks their entry into adulthood.


3. Army Ants

Individually these ants are not dangerous but can be when they are found in swarms. They are native to Asia and Africa and tend to build anthills as they travel. These ants are dangerous because they can enter a person’s lungs and suffocate him to death. They will enter your house if you leave food uncovered for extended periods of time.


4. Black Widow

This spider’s venom could kill a human being almost instantly as it is not only effective but is secreted in large amounts. The females are bigger and are known to bite the male’s head off after the mating ritual is over.

5. Deathstalker

Deathstalker belongs to the scorpion family and is dangerous becomes its venom is extremely poisonous. The irony is that the venom also has the ability to remove a tumor from the brain and fight against diabetes in human beings.


6. Africanized Bees

These bees are related to the Tanzanian queen bees which are native to Brazil. They are dangerous because they are extremely defensive and tend to swarm without tiring for hours. If a person is to come near the hive, they will follow him even if he manages to walk far away.


7. Tsetse Fly

This fly is native to Africa and survives on the blood it extracts from vertebrate animals. They are the main cause of Sleeping Sickness and Nagana in human and cattle respectively. Those who suffer from Sleeping Sickness complain about high fever, headaches and boils behind their necks. If left unchecked, it can cause death.


8. Tarantula Hawk

These insects feed on tarantulas and their sting is said to be the most painful you will ever experience. The pain is so severe that it numbs the senses and prevents the victim from moving, running but allows him to scream relentlessly.


9. Ticks

Ticks are full of diseases which is what makes them so dangerous. They survive on the blood of other creatures and keep themselves attached to the body until they have had enough. It is very difficult to remove the body fully and usually a part is left behind which can lead to a serious infection. They transmit diseases like Colorado Tick Fever, Lyme Disease and Tularemia.


10. Candiru fish

This fish lives in the Amazon and kills the victim by swimming through his anatomy. The fish settles in the bladder and is difficult to extract because it has spines that unfurl to resemble an umbrella. The victim eventually hemorrhages to death and in obvious pain. They are tiny and slimy and quite dangerous, to say the least.

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  1. Colin Diaz

    You have made me scared of the ants that are easily found in every home. There must be some way to get rid of them.

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