Top Ten People Who Escaped Death

Death will not announce itself before you come face to face with it. It will creep up on you and snatch your life away without any explanations. The following individuals saw death very closely but managed to escape it.


1. Isidro Mejia

Mejia was working at a construction site when his foot slipped and he fell. His fall was broken by six nails that were 3.5 inches long. They entered his skull and neck and technically, he should have died on the spot but he did not and is alive and kicking today.

2. Richard Blass

This man escaped death not once but several times. The first time he managed to get away unscathed after a mafia attempt. The second time he managed to run out of the motel he was staying at as it burst into flames. The third time he was shot in the head but did not die. He spent time in prison twice but managed to escape both times. The man finally died when somebody shot at him 23 times.


3. Ahad Israfil

In 1987, after a gun was discharged accidentally, half of Israfil’s brain was blown off who was 14 at the time. He miraculously survived and graduated with flying colors. The hole that was made was filled with a particular kind of silicone block.


4. Vesna Vulovic

After the airplane was hijacked by a group of terrorists; this flight attendant had no choice but to jump out of the plane. This 22 year old realized that she did not have a parachute when she was 33,000 feet above ground level. She fractured her skull, broke her legs and parts of her spine.

5. Trevor Rees Jones

Rees Jones was Princess Diana’s and Dodi Fayed’s bodyguard up until the latters’ deaths on August 31, 1997. He was the only member of the car crash to have lived. Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed and the limo driver were all killed when their vehicle hit a pole in Paris. Rees Jones’ head was flattened and numerous bones were crushed. He suffered massive head injuries and had to undergo numerous plastic surgeries.


6. Shannon Mandel

After being in a deadly car accident, Shannon Mandel had suffered an internal decapitation. All the tissues that were supposed to hold the bones in her neck were detached during the crash. Her spine thus separated from her skull. The only thing that held her head and body together were skin and muscles. 90% of these cases end in death, except for Shannon Mandel.


7. Bahia Bakari

This French citizen was the lone survivor of Yemenia Flight 626 which was en route to Comoros from Yemen. All other 153 passengers and crew members were killed when the plane was caught in a storm trying to land. Bakari was in the waters for 13 hours, swimming amongst wreckage and bodies, before she was rescued. She is named the miracle child.


8. Ruben van Assouw

This 8 year old Dutch citizen was the sole survivor of a deadly plane crash in Libya in 2010 that killed 92 passengers and 11 crew members. He underwent surgery and had multiple fractures in his legs. This is one amazing survival story, no one could explain. It is a miracle.


9. Ben Carpenter

This 21 year old was wheelchair bound when he was hit by a truck. He was dragged on for about 4 miles and the truck driver said that he could not see Carpenter and his wheelchair.


10. Phineas Gage

Gage was working at a railway track when an iron bar shot up and entered his skull through his cheek bone. Gage was walking around when he was found and the iron bar was removed. His brain had an infection and his social skills were inhibited but other than that, he was okay.

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    Color photography had not been invented at the time of Phineas Gage’s death. There are real photographs of him readily available; his entry on Wikipedia has one. Why not use a real one instead of whoever this yutz is?


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