Top 10 Performances By The Beatles

The Beatles are nothing if not legendary and while all their performances have been memorable, the following 10 were particularly outstanding.


1. Abbey Road

This was the band’s last album but the fact that the EMI London Recording Studio changed its name to Abbey Road Studios, should give you an idea about how amazing the recording sessions were. After the release of the album, this studio became the most sought after studio and those who worked there were treated like celebrities.


2. Strawberry Fields Forever

This was the first song recorded by the band when they decided to stop touring and were told to pull up their socks. Needless to say, they followed it up and the final recording session was remarkable. However, Lennon did not like it as much as the rest of the band members. It influenced the likes of Jeff Lynne and ELO.


3. I Wanna Be Your Man

When this song was first recorded, none of the band members were happy with it. McCartney and Lennon felt that that they needed to change the sound in such a way that it would be at par with their debut hit single. The two members then vanished for about 15 minutes and came back with a much better version of the song. Mick Jagger says that he was greatly influenced by this song.

4. Rubber Soul

Brian Wilson was significantly influenced by this song even though the band felt that the original sound was not at par with the quality they were known to produce. If The Beatles did not perform this song at a concert, the audience would beg them to until they did- at least 4 times!


5. I Wanna Hold Your Hand

This single was not accepted by most recording studios in the United States. However, Columbia Records finally released it and it became the band’s first hit single. The song raised the bar for the band and all their subsequent songs were made to match up to its superior sound. Needless to say, all the contemporary bands were forced to see what they were up against and had no choice but to work even harder!


6. Twist and Shout

When Twist and Shout was being recorded by the band, the EMI staff was positively star-struck and amazed. They had a feeling that the song would create ripples in the country and sure enough, it did. This stunning song was recorded in a single take and since overdubbing had not been introduced at the time, it was basically a live recording.

7. Tomorrow Never Knows

Tomorrow Never Knows made use of a technique called ADT or Artificial Double Tracking. The singers were made to sing particular portions of the song twice, to give the song a unique feel. This technique is now called flanging and influenced pop musicians all over the world.


8. Please, Please Me

Please, Please Me made George Martin the most famous and sought after producer in the world and influenced the rest to such an extent that they begged him to tell them his secrets!


9. Raunchy

Raunchy allowed a 14 year old boy named George Harrison to join the band and more importantly, win John Lennon’s heart!


10. Twenty Flight Rock

When Paul McCartney was 15 years old, he used this song as his audition piece for John Lenon in 1957. Lenon was impressed and so was the rest of the world as it managed to influence the likes of The Rolling Stones years later.

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  1. Smart Guy

    yeah, uh abbey was not their last album. let it be??? ring any bells. ps. sgt peppers is the greatest album of all time

  2. Jeff

    Rubber Soul was not a song, it was an album. Which song did from it did the audiences beg the Beatles to play live?

  3. Billy Shears

    Smart Guy, Let It Be was the LAST RELEASED Beatle album, but Abbey Road was the LAST RECORDED Beatle effort prior to their breakup.


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