Top Ten Disorders Related to Sleep

Every body loves sleeping but unfortunately, some of us suffer from sleep disorders that end up ruining the entire experience. Let us look at the 10 most bizarre disorders related to sleep.

1. Rapid eye movement behavior disorder

Those who suffer from this disorder act out during their dreams. Such actions are usually violent and they can end up injuring themselves or those who are sleeping next to them. With the help of consistent therapy and certain drugs, this condition can be treated and the patient can resume the natural paralyzed state.


2. Night Terrors

Those who suffer from night terrors are plagued with unexplainable terror and find it difficult to wake up. They wake up slowly after an episode and can be found gasping and screaming. They do not remember the night terror and can end up hurting anybody who tries to help them.


3. Bruxism

Those who suffer from this sleep disorder tend to grind their teeth as they sleep. This condition is quite common and can damage the teeth irreversibly if left unchecked. It can cause extreme facial pain and can also lead to acute arthritis of certain joints. Unfortunately, a majority of the bruxers do not know that they have a condition which is why it becomes difficult to treat them.


4. Restless Legs Syndrome

Those who suffer from the Restless Legs Syndrome feel the urge to move their legs as they want to stop such sensations that make them uncomfortable. Even though medicating a patient which suffers from this condition is considered to be controversial, doctors prescribe opioids or methadone in order to provide temporary relief to such patients.

5. Non-24-hour sleep-wake syndrome

This sleep disorder is quite rare and the bodies of those who suffer from it do not recognize the sleep cycle. The patient finds it difficult to sleep in a proper pattern and the cycle they follow changes almost every day. The body may take over a week to complete a sleep-wake cycle in some cases.


6. Sleep Apnea

Those who suffer from this sleep disorder stop breathing in intervals when they are asleep. Usually, the patients are not aware that they stopped breathing even after they wake up. Once it is recognized, it is treated with the help of a PAP or Positive Airway Pressure device. Patients can also undergo treatment and medication.


7. Kleine-Levin syndrome

Those who suffer from this disorder feel the need to sleep for about 20 hours on a daily basis. When they wake up, they eat a lot and indulge in intense and continuous sexual activities. Even though there is no definite treatment, doctors recommend certain stimulants like modafinil.


8. Somniloquy

Patients with this disorder talk in their sleep and can be very loud. While some speak as they dream, others start rattling off long speeches and more often than not, the speech is not clear. Those who suffer from this problem do not undergo medication. Doctors recommend the use of mouth guards as this can prevent sleep talking.


9. Narcolepsy

This is a neurological disorder related to sleep which causes patients to fall asleep randomly. They create a pattern which forces them to fall asleep unexpectedly after which they find it difficult to wake up and stay awake. Patients may also suffer from hallucinations and sleep paralysis.


10. Sexsomnia

Those who have this condition indulge in sexual activities as they sleep. Patients are usually aware that they have a problem but they are embarrassed to get help. This sleep disorder can be controlled without medication and with minimal effort.

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