Top Ten Bizarre Conspiracy Theories

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6. Paul McCartney is Dead

It is believed that Paul McCartney who was part of the legendary rock band, The Beatles died over 40 years back in 1966. A look-alike replaced him and his living his life till date. Fans believe that when these songs are played backwards, secret lyrics are revealed and that the album covers are full of symbolism and imagery that make it obvious that Paul is indeed, no more.


7. Drug Companies Want You to Get Sick and Stay Sick

This particular conspiracy theory is quite popular and supporters believe that drug companies are trying their best not to find cures for diseases like cancer and AIDS because the medication that is used to combat the illness allows them to make massive profits year after year.


8. Chemtrail

According to this theory, if a trail that is left behind by a jet aircraft is in the form of a particular pattern such as a grid or a crosshatch, it is laced with chemicals that are created by the Government and are extremely harmful for living organisms.


9. The Everlasting Light Bulb

This theory has been around since the light bulb was invented. Supporters believe that the technology which has the ability to produce an everlasting bulb has been created but because regular light bulbs allow the industry to earn high profit margins, it is being suppressed.


10. The Apollo Moon Landing is a Hoax

People believe that the Apollo Astronauts never landed on the moon and that NASA made up this rumor and continues to keep it running till date. This theory is supported by certain films and photographs which have apparently been modified in a studio and with the help of highly developed softwares.

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