Top Ten UFO Sightings

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The following is the list of top 10 UFO listings including cases of abductions and alleged alien sightings. While some cases have become folklore, others are popularly known mainly to enthusiasts and ufologists.


1. The Roswell incident

An alien spacecraft is said to have landed in July 1947 in Roswell, the New Mexican town. Metallic debris and some flying disc material were recovered on the hillside by Army Airfield Personnel which caught the attention of the national media. Roswell has since then become a destination having alien appeal as Americans were captivated by the idea of extraterrestrial visitors.


2. The Hill Abduction

The most famous alien abduction story is the one that involves the story of Barney and Betty Hill, a married couple who claimed to have been abducted by extraterrestrials in September 1961. As they were driving on a rural road in New Hampshire, a strange disc-shaped light suddenly appeared in the sky. Barney saw several humanoid figures through the windowed UFO.


3. RB 47 Encounter

At No. 3 is the RB-47 encounter, one of the famous UFO encounters in history. The U.S. Air Force’s RB-47 plane was conducting an electronic intelligence mission in July 1957 over the southern U.S. The team aboard the plane observed that they were being followed by an unidentified flying object. The object soon began to close in on them.


4. Rendlesham Forest Incident

A series of UFO sightings took place in Britain’s Rendlesham Forest, a woodland area situated located along England’s east coast. Air force patrolmen and eyewitnesses saw a UFO on Dec. 26, 1980 as it landed in the forest. On investigation, patrolmen saw a conical metallic object on three legs. The object hovered over the ground and soared toward the sky shining bright lights down on them.


5. The Alaskan Mothership

A set of lights were seen flashing before his plane when Kenju Terauchi, a Japanese Airlines (JAL) pilot, was flying a Boeing 747 over Alaska. The crew realized that the glowing objects were actually two spaceships hovering directly in front of them. The spaceships circled in formation a few times before disappearing from view. The mothership which they saw also disappeared as they began to descend.


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