Top Ten UFO Sightings

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6. Mexican Airforce UFO Encounter

In recent years, Mexico has seen several UFO sightings many of which have also been videoed. In 2004, air force pilots saw some 10 or 11 bright lights moving quickly across the sky. When the Mexican Defense Ministry released the video footage of the lights it caused an international media frenzy.


7. Apollo 16 UFO Sighting

Another famous UFO sighting is the Apollo 16 UFO sighting. The crew of the Apollo 16 moon mission set off to explore the moon’s surface. They recorded a few seconds of video footage of a strange saucer shaped object with a dome on top.


8. Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters is the name used to describe unidentified flying objects seen by sailors and pilots often during World War II. Personnel on both sides of the war reported to have witnessed bright balls, differently shaped flying objects and bright lights which would follow them on their missions.


9. Ronald Reagan’s UFO Sighting

In 1974, Ronald Reagan, then governor of California, said that he had once seen a UFO. The sighting happened just before Reagan’s plane was going to land at Bakersfield, Calif. The crew saw a strange object flashing bright white light from behind. It later shot up toward the sky at unprecedented speed.


10. Angel Hair of Oloron, France

The town of Oloron, France, became famous after it witnessed an unidentified flying object known as an “angel hair UFO.” Many eyewitnesses reported to have seen a cylindrical object surrounded by some discs in October 1952.

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