Top 10 Things You Must Not Forget On A Roadtrip

When you are planning or have planned for a road trip, you have to make sure that you have taken some essential things with you so that you will not have to worry on the road. Here are the top 10 things that you should not forget.


1. Cell phone

Here, it is not suggested to talk while driving, but if there instances of getting lost, overheat of engine, blow off a tire or require any medical assistance, your cell phone is the one, which is indispensable. If you have co-passenger with you and have different network carrier, take that person’s cell phone because you will not know where you will miss the signal. Along with the cell phone, take car charger as well.


2. Detailed Maps

How many times will stop you ask for the directions when you are on a ride. If you are on a road trip and lose your way, the vehicle navigation system will be a great gift. If you do not have the navigation system if your car, bring detailed maps at least so that it will show you the way to be reached or shows the point where you are.


3. Entertainment for kids

If you are on a road trip with family, your kids will want themselves to be busy with something. So, for this purpose, take some games. Puzzle, play station etc with you. Take some music as well, so that you do not get bored during the ride. You can even take a camera so that you can take some snapshots if you see beautiful places on the way.


4. Munchies

You will definitely require many varieties of snacks. You require other stuffs such as juice boxes, water bottles, individual bag or crackers or chips, fresh veggies, yogurt sticks or granola bars, cheerios and some frozen things. By having all these things, you will have comfortable ride.


5. Travel Sized goods

It is not just the deodorant or shampoos come in today’s travel sizes but it comes with baby wipes, first aid kits, sunscreen, bibs and disposable plastic placemats, hair brushers, bug repellent and almost everything comes in the mini version of travel size. Thus, it will save lots of weight in suitcase. All these things should be packed in a bag so that it will be easier for use.


6. Prescription Medicines

Take the prescribed medicine along with you so that you will not have to wake your doctor up and scrambling for number of pharmacies. If you go on a ride in windy area, take the ‘counter motion sickness medication’ along with you.


7. Clothes for everyone

Include everything in clothing such as diapers for your baby, jackets and underwear as well. Clothing that you take should match the area to which you are going.


8. Legal Tender/legal documents

Carry all the legal documents with you. The documents include driver licenses, vehicle registration, IDs, vehicle title document, current insurance card and ATM or credit card. In case, if there is any problem with the vehicle or pulled down by police, all these documents are required for verification.


9. Stuffed animal or favorite blankie

If you have this, your child will sleep peacefully. Such things are particularly important if you are taking children who are not used to traveling on the road.


10. Shades

Shades are very much required if your rear window is not tinted heavily so that it keeps sun out of your eye. On many of the luxury sedans, there will be a feature of in-built sunshade.

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