Top Ten Celebrity Blogs

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A blog (is a contraction of the term ‘Weblog’) is a kind of website, which is maintained usually by an individual with some regular entries of commentary, videos or graphics and description of various events. Entries are displayed in the reverse chronological order and blog can be used as the verb, add content to the blog or meaning to maintain.


1. Perez Hilton

It is a Hollywood celebrity blog website, which is twenty-nine years old and almost 7 million people visit this website to know new things regarding the celebrities. The blog mainly scrawls snarky and nasty comments on the pictures of some young Hollywood type celebrities such as Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears etc and hand doodle some suspicious-looking white around their mouths, noses and nether regions.


2. TMZ

TMZ stands for ‘Thirty Mile zone’. It is one of the best celebrity gossip blog operated and owned by AOL and is online since 1996. Primarily, the site focuses on scandals and breaking news involving the celebrities all around the Hollywood area. The name thirty miles is used to cover the 30-mile area of Hollywood.


3. ValleyWag

ValleyWag is a controversial blog, which covers the daily rumors and news of Silicon Valley. This blog is a part if ‘Gawker Media Business Week’. The site creates controversies because of its unsubstantiated rumors that are posted often on this site, which most of the times may not be true.


4. The superficial

The superficial is a site devoted to the celebrity gossip founded on 23 May 2004. This website is a part of ‘Anticlown Media’ along with sites such as and In a day, the site is updated several times.  This site is very much notable sue its irreverence and biting wit towards the celebrities whose lives are at chronicles.


5. Defamer

Defamer is one of the best Hollywood gossip blog launched in 2004. This site is part of the Gawker media Blog Empire. In 2005, the site received ‘Best Entertainment Weblog’ and Best New Weblog’. The blog writes the content regarding the Hollywood, movie, and radio and Manhattan celebrities.


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