Top Ten Celebrity Blogs

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6. Gawker

Gawker is a New York City based blog founded in 2002, which bills itself as the ‘main Source for daily Manhattan gossip and media news and focuses on the celebrities and media industry as well. This blog is the flagship blog for the Nick Denton’s Gawker media.



This is a Hollywood news and gossip blog with some unique twist ans stands for ‘for What Would Tyler Durden Do?’ The site daily explores the headlines and stories of famous Hollywood celebrities as well. Popular topics keep on rolling down with scandals and hottest highlights involving the celebrities, sports, TV, movies. Music etc.


8. Egotastic

Egotastic is the dedicated juicy Hollywood news and gossip blog. The site contains large pictures of high quality of famous celebrities and it includes the candid shots as well. The blog reports the recent controversies and scandals involving famous celebrities. There are many categories in this website so that it will be easier to check it out.


9. Jezebel

This website covers all the features, refined stories and gossips about the Hollywood women, the world of both politics and fashion as well. It mainly talks about fashion, celebrity and sex for women. Various scenarios involving different personalities are present in this site.


10. Go Fug Yourself

Go Fug Yourself is a blog devoted mainly to fashion gossip. Usually this site is called as ‘Fug Girls’ and the site is used to satirize and ridicule variety of fashion disasters whether they are established by the stars or by starlets.

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