Top 10 Animated Movies In Recent Times

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6. Antz (1998)

A peek at one of nature’s most busy colonies, Antz depicts the life of ants humorously.  The caste system, worker ants and the Queen are all very well designed and explained. Inspiring and with vivid character animation, the movie also has naughty Woody Allen twists to it.


7. The Lion King (1994)

This musical extravaganza has many interesting characters with impressive personalities from the savannah grasslands. It topped Billboard 200 for its music. The brothers’ rivalry takes over the Pride Land, Simba over comes his failure with the help of wise mandrill and his worry-free friends, to win back his ancestral land.


8. The Simpsons Movie (2007)

This wide screen hysterical Simpson experience is awesome. Homer has to save Lake Springfield from the EPA. Based on the super hit television series, the Simpsons Movie also uncovers family values and relationships, discussing all the issues and pains that are associated.


9. Shrek 1 (2001)

Bringing all the fairytales to life, this movie set a new production house DreamWorks into formation. Based on William Steig’s Picture Fairy tale book, Shrek, the movie features a huge and strong Ogre. Unfortunate to be thrown out of his own swamp by the fairyland creatures, Shrek goes on a mission to save Princess Fiona. He has the best companion to accompany him on his mission, the vocally loud Donkey, who would not keep quiet!


10. Kungfu Panda (2008)

Aspiring to become a kung fu master the energetic panda, Po is set to become the Dragon Warrior. This martial arts action comedy sees the most unique and talented team from the diverse animal kingdom come together, each using their skill and training combined with their natural abilities. This was another very well received animated movie.

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