Top 10 Deadliest Earthquakes In History

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Earthquakes are the most horrifying natural calamities to hit earth. Most damages happen due to the non-predictability of earthquakes. In history, there have been some earthquakes which were more deadly than others and here are the top 10.


1. Shaanxi, China: 1556

This is the most deadly earthquake ever recorded in the history of earth and it happened in Shaanxi province in China. This earthquake measured 8.0 and more than 820,000 feared dead. The factor that contributed to this quake is yaodongs, the artificial dugouts. It is also said that this deadly quake razed the mountains, ignited fires all over for days together and changed the course of various rivers.


2. Indian Ocean: 2004

In our lifetime, this is the horrible earthquake ever happened. This quake had its epicenter ‘off the west coast of Indonesia’ and this quake created tsunami and hit the regions alongside the Indian Ocean and this quake even triggered earthquake as far as Alaska as well. This quake took 280,000 lives and caused environmental and humanitarian concerns. The quake recorded 9.1 on Richter scale.


3. Haiyuan and Tansghan China: 1976 and 1920

A severe earthquake struck Tansghan region of China in 1976. It is a deadly quake and took around 240,000 lives and in 1920, the quake took around 770,000 lives. It is important to note that both the communist leader Tse-tung and prime minister Zhou Enlai died the same year and most of the people think that it is a omen that has come to end an era.


4. Aleppo, Syria: 1138

The total number of casualties in this quake is about 230,000. It was the first quake between 1138 and 1339 to hit that area. In the 12th Century, the region was witnessing many crusades and this earthquake brought down the citadels of both Muslim and Christian armies.


5. Ardabil and Damghan, Iran: 893 and 856

In 856, Damghan, Iran was hit by a massive earthquake tolling the casualties around 150,000 and 40 years later quake hit another city o Iran called Ardabil and death toll was more than 137,000. Again, Iran was struck by an earthquake in 1996 cost lives 960 people.


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