Top 10 Cities That People Never Visit

There are certain popular cities that people visit all the time because they are known to be beautiful. Then there are those that are ignored because they are not given much attention by the media. The following are the top 10 cities which should avoid.


1. Akiak, Alaska

”Akiak” roughly translates to “the other side” and the population in 2000 was about 309. The city has a well-maintained airport and services that provide access to private and chartered airplanes. The city has no taxes, no property and there is nothing special about it.


2. Any city in Sri Lanka

People probably know that if they want a peaceful and calm holiday, they should stay away from Sri Lanka. While you will be looking to have a good time, the residents will constantly tell you about how poor the country is or how rampant the problem of corruption is.


3. Youngstown, Ohio

People don’t visit Youngstown because they know that there are high chances that you will be shot dead if you happen to step out of your house or hotel. It is also very corrupt which frankly, puts a damper on things. The fact that it is known as the murder capital of the world should keep you away too.


4. Mallocra, Spain

This city in Spain has made quite a reputation for itself. The residents are said to be rude and unbelievably unfriendly. Those who have visited recommend that people should stay far away from it and that a simple Google search will let them know how unappealing the city is.


5. Arvin, California

This city in California is said to be the smoggiest in the country. The air is so thick and unclean that it is difficult to see the person walking in front of you after nightfall. Therefore, if you want to turn your lungs black and have a great accident, do visit Arvin.


6. Linfen, China

This city has a population of over 4 million. Because it looks into the coal-production services of the country, it is revoltingly polluted. The citizens are constantly choking and the drinking water is laced with arsenic. People who decide not to go here obviously have a brain.


7. Norilsk, Russia

This city houses about 134,000 citizens and the largest firm which produces heavy metal can be found here as well. The residue that is released into the air is extremely harmful and can reduce a person’s life expectancy by at least 10 years.

8. Dakar, Senegal

This city is West Africa’s most famous cosmopolitan hub but because it is located within close proximity to The Baie de Hanne, it is not very popular amongst tourists. The Baie de Hanne provides ‘clean’ drinking water to households but in fact is laced with waste and metal residue.


9. Sumgayit, Azerbaijan

This city used to be very popular and is known for the production of pesticides and certain chemicals. However, it is also known to dump the waste into the Caspian Sea which is why the cancer rates have escalated startlingly over the past few years. Nobody wants to contract cancer which is why nobody visits this environmental disaster area.

10. La Oroya, Peru

This city is known for the smelting of metals like zinc, lead and copper. Almost every child in the city suffers from some disease or the other because of high levels of toxic waste that has managed to enter their bloodstreams. If that was not enough, the city has turned into a wasteland because of the Acid Rain which rears its ugly head quite often.

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  1. Rajesh Kumar

    I would not agree with Sri Lanka as it is peaceful country now and many of my friends from India has visited Sri Lankan cities.

  2. George Brdek

    I think the comment on Youngstown Ohio is a little exteme. I live here and I can say that I can step out of my house without fear of getting shot. I just have to be sure I have my full body armour on.

  3. Frank Johnstone

    Someone needs to do some homework.

    There is no “city” called Mallorca in Spain

    Mallorca is an island in the Balearics and is a beautiful and incredibly welcoming summer holidy destination for thousands of northern Europeans.

    Check your facts please.

  4. evelyn

    all the cities mentioned above is relatively well than cities like: baghdad, mogadishu, and most african cities.

  5. A Majorcan

    I think you’re demonstrably wrong about Mallorca (not Mallocra; an island, not a city). You are entitled to your own opinion about locals, but pure fact is the island receives A LOT of tourism (“people never visit???”). From Wikipedia:

    Since the 1950s Majorca has become a well-known tourist destination, and the tourism business has become the main source of revenue for the island. In 2001, the island received millions of tourists, and the boom in the tourism industry has provided significant growth in the economy of the country. More than half of the population works in the tourist sector, which accounts for approximately 80% of Majorca’s GDP.[12]

  6. Very funny article

    ¿Mallocra a city? I think you are talking about Palma de Mallorca. Well, really, “rude and unbelievely unfriendly people”? If majorcans are so rude, I’m afraid than the rest of Spain inhabitants should be equally rude. I thought that only spanish women had a bad reputation like the most unfriendly women in Europe -specially if you try to date them… just do try, and you will see the real meaning of word “fury”-, but not the spanish men (ha, ha, ha, just kidding).

    Also, if Youngstone is a so dangerous city… if it is very likely to be shot if going out your hotel or home… I think that Youngstone population will decrease dramatically. Perhaps is already a dead town, because all the inhabitants are shot mutually and everybody is dead (ha, ha, more kidding).

    Best regards.

  7. Harley

    Mallorca is the friendliest most beautiful place I have ever been, and I’ve been to over 40 countries around the world.

    This article is really poorly researched. Where is Mogadishu???

  8. John

    i think u wrote this list in back 90’s

    in 2011

    Peoples fear to visit PAKISTAN,Afghanistan,Baghdad…………peoples from this country are very rude selfish and murderer…….all this countries are the roots of terrorist…………Peoples here trained for suicide bommers or to kill any human who is not muslim on the name of JIHAD ….thts really very bad thing

  9. Jinky

    How come the countries of all the cities are given except for those in the USA?


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