Top Ten Dangerous Herbivores

The term ‘danger’ is usually associated with animals like bears, tigers and lions- carnivores, basically. However, the following top10 list of the top 10 most dangerous herbivores will tell you about those herbivores that may look gentle but can be extremely dangerous.


1. Gelada Baboon

Gelada Baboons have massive manes and flat faces that look severe no matter what. They are native to Ethiopia and their diet consists of grass and leaves. While they quite peaceful most of the times, they will eat you alive with their sharp and terrifying teeth if you happen to irritate them.


2. American Bison

The American Bison was left behind after the extinction of the Ice Age and can weigh about one ton. Humans tried their best to kill the species off but the Government intervened which is why a few are still around in zoos and national parks. They are dangerous only if you show signs of hurting their offspring or if you enter their territory.


3. Gorilla

A gorilla can weigh about and more than 200 kilograms and is extremely strong. They are quite peaceful and may even smile at you if you are lucky but if you try to hurt its family or threaten it in anyway, the gorilla will attack you without thinking. They have huge arms and their canines are sharp and knife-like and because they can run faster than any human on the planet, an irritated gorilla can kill you within a few seconds.


4. Cassowary

These birds are the largest in the world and are native to New Guinea and Australia. These vegetarians eat only fruit but if you manage to irritate them, the Cassowary will kick you with it dagger-like claw and disembowel you in no time.


5. Rhinoceros

All the species of rhinos are native to Asia and Africa. Because they are big, strong and have horrible tempers, they can be very dangerous. Even though a rhino’s horn is made of hair, it can enter an enemy and watch it bleed to death.


6. Wild Boar

Wild Boars are not pure vegetarians and may or may not eat a lizard or frog, depending on its mood. They can weigh more than 250 kilograms and their sharp teeth can rip open any predator, big or small. Females are equally dangerous, especially if their piglets are in danger.


7. Cape Buffalo

Even though Cape Buffaloes look like cows, they are among the most dangerous vegetarians in Africa. Their horns are long and sharp and their hooves are very heavy. Cape Buffaloes are known to move with their herd which means that if one is injured, the rest will finish the attacker if need be.


8. Elephant

This may come as a shock because elephants are usually considered to be very peaceful and friendly, but fact remains that they have killed many zookeepers over the years. Once they decide that their babies need to be protected or that their personal space is being violated, they will retaliate.


9. White Lipped Peccary

The White Lipped Peccary is native to part of South America and Mexico. They have very sharp canines which become even sharper every time the animal shuts its mouth as they rub against each other. Like Cape Buffaloes, they move in herds of about 1000 and if you happen to get attacked, run up a tree as fast as you can.


10. Hippopotamus

A Hippopotamus is known to attack more people when compared to leopards, crocodiles and even lions. Even though it is quite fat, it can run extremely fast and trample over its victim.

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