Top 10 Etiquette Rules That Have Been Forgotten

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There are certain etiquette rules that people are meant to follow. In the past, these rules bound society together so that it was safe. But, it is safe to say that they have pretty much been forgotten today.


1. Men’s Wedding Clothing

The rule here is that you are getting married in the evening, you should wear a morning suit or a formal suit and not a tuxedo. In addition to that, you should give a tie to the men that are taking part in the wedding and make sure that the shade is similar to the one you will be wearing.


2. Opening The Door

Men are supposed to open the door for ladies- whether they know them or not. It was the done thing in the past but over the years, this etiquette rule has been pushed out. What’s more, women today seem to get embarrassed to start smirking if the man has enough sense to open the car or building door for her.


3. Writing Thank-you Notes

It is only decent to write a thank-you note after receiving a gift- no matter how close or distant the giver is. About 3 or 4 decades ago, parents made it a point to teach their children how to write these notes at a very early age. Today the very idea is laughed at.


4. It is Rude to Ask for Gifts

Today it is normal to receive weddings invitations that mention exactly what the bride would like to receive as a gift. This would be okay if she wanted cheap gifts but they tend to take advantage of the situation and ask for gifts that are worth at least a thousand dollars! Actually, it is never okay, so don’t do it.


5. Leaving at the Right Time

Guests are supposed to leave a party once the guest of honor (the oldest guest, basically) has left. People today come and go as they please- they decide to leave once they have had enough to drink at the open bar or when they catch a glimpse of the sunrise.


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