Top 10 Etiquette Rules That Have Been Forgotten

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6. Arriving on Time

According to this etiquette rule, guests are supposed to arrive at the given time and not wait about at home till they are sure that they will either make a grand entrance or be fashionably late. In the olden times, if you arrived at a dinner part even 15 minutes late, you would be expected to eat in the kitchen with the staff and join the rest of the guests only when they were done eating.


7. Eating Together

Etiquette rules at the dinner table are happily ignored today. The family members are supposed to dress for the meal and eat only if everybody is at the dinner table.


8. Parental Unity

These rules should be followed by parents all around the world. Firstly, they should never argue in front of their children and they should never try to turn the child against the other. Secondly, if the child’s father tells him to do something, the mother must make sure that he goes through with it.


9. Discretion on the Street

In the past, if people were walking on the street, they would talk in hushed tones, dress well and refrain from doing anything that would could be termed as attention-seeking. Today people walk about practically in their underwear and scream on their mobile phones on their way to the grocery store.


10. Money Matters

A gentleman is not supposed to borrow cash from a lady, he should pay back the borrowed amount as soon as possible and he should not talk about money.

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