Top Ten Monster Movies

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6. Gamera: The Guardian of the Universe

This movie is a remake of the one made in 1965 and is designed in a way that rivals the well-known Godzilla films. The script is excellent and the cast is extremely talented. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this movie allowed audiences all over the world to see Japanese kaiju films in a different light.


7. Gojira

Gojira was released in 1954 and would be remade as “Godzilla” in the future. This Japanese version is superb and set standards for movie-makers all over the world. It has been discussed by fans and scholars as it has a definitely political and social subtext. Gojira and Godzilla both are certainly the best monster movies ever made.


8. Leviathon

Leviathon was released in 1989 and borrows a few elements from successful movies like “Deep Star Six” and “Alien”. The monster’s characteristics are similar to “The Thing” created by John Carpenter.


9. Pitch Black

The monster in this movie released in 2000 emerges only when it realizes that its planet is in complete darkness. The creature is described to be berated and despised and makes the movie slightly action-oriented.


10. Predator

The monster in this movie likes to hunt humans for fun and will make you scream every now and then. Some military commandoes are targeted and thus, begins the hunt.

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