Top 10 Ghosts That Were Proven To Be Real

It is always fun to read or hear a good ghost story- it becomes even better when its based on real events!


1. Kate Morgan

Kate Morgan was staying at a hotel and was found dead a few days after she checked in. Ever since that day, guests at the hotel say that they hear strange noises coming from one particular room and their lights switch on and off by themselves


2. The Stanley Hotel Ghosts

Staff members of this hotel say that they can hear a lot of noise coming from the grand ballroom only when it is empty, loud childish giggles can be heard in the halls when there are no children around and several guests have complained about ghosts that enter their rooms way after midnight just to watch them sleep.


3. The Brown Lady

This is the name given to the ghost of Lady Dorothy Walpole, a woman who died under mysterious circumstances in 1726. Somebody was brave enough to shove a camera in her face which is how we know that she has no eyes, only empty sockets.


4. Clifton Hall

Clifton Hall was bought by a man named Anward Rashid quite recently. A few days later, his wife found a girl glued to the television set at about 5 in the morning. Naturalyl, she thought it was her eldest daughter but when she called out to her, there was no response. This is when she went to her daughter’s room and found her fast asleep.


5. The White Woman

This ghost walks through a street in the United States- she has long dark hair and while sometimes her face is clean, other times it is smeared with blood. Keeping one thing in mind- if your back seat is empty, she will definitely hitch a ride with you whether you like it or not.


6. Chloe

Chloe was a slave who liked to eavesdrop on the residents’ conversations. The owner of the house found her one day and cut off her ear. She decided to poison him but instead, the two daughters and his wife ended up consuming the toxic cake and of course, dying. Chloe was killed by several slaves who were annoyed with her and now she haunts the plantation. Curiosity really did kill the cat in this case!


7. The Ghost on Archer Lane

If you travel on Archer Lane after midnight, you will come across a young woman who will ask you to take her to a certain location. She will have long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes and will be wearing an old-fashioned white dress. She will tell you to stop when you reach the Resurrection cemetery after which she will vanish into thin air.


8. The Phantom Ship

In 164, a well known captain said that he would be able to round his ship even it was the last thing he did. Let’s just say he did-his ship now appears and disappears as and when it pleases.


9. Abraham Lincoln

Everybody knows that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated but most don’t know that he had a ‘feeling’ that informed him that he would be killed a few days later. His ghost has been seen by Winston Churchill who also had a short conversation with the former president.


10. Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn was married to Henry VIII and was executed on the grounds that she indulged in witchcraft, adultery and incestuous activities. Her ghost can be seen all over London- not at the same time of course!

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  1. Madidus

    Top ten urban legends that have been circulating for some time, perhaps? But proven? None of them. I have spent plenty of time at the Stanley and the Hotel del Coronado and nada. I would like to see on e shred of proof on any of these.

  2. Tasmanian Devil

    Proven to be real? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

  3. Claire

    The ghost of Anne Boleyn has been reported in one specific location – at the Tower of London where she was exectued and is buried. There has been nothing other than anecdotal evidence to say she still walks there.

    Proven? I doubt it…..

  4. John

    The ghost of Anne Boleyn allegedly appearing many times at the Tower during the early 1930’s was an ongoing hoax, perpetrated by a soldier of the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, stationed there for ceremonial duties.

    He roamed the Tower at will during darkness and foiled all attempts to catch him ‘in the act’. His catchprase was,”She walks tonight.” And she always did!

  5. dendiene

    I like ghost stories, they don’t have to be proven.
    But there is very little information in this list. No details about the location, date, etc.

  6. newy7

    Chloe wasn’t trying to poison the owner, she wanted to prove she was valuable as a house slave by making the wife and kids sick enough with the oleander leaves so she could cure them and not be sent into the fields to work. But she put too much and they died. In response a mixed mob got together snd hung her.


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