Top 10 Drug Dealers That Will Go Down In History

We all know who Bill Gates is and we practically worship Steve Jobs for creating the iPod but many of us are not aware of the following powerful drug dealers who were as rich as these businessmen, if not richer.


1. Zhenli Ye Gon

Zhenli Ye Gon was accused of transferring a drug called pseudoephedrine into Mexico, where he ran his business. When his mansion was inspected, authorities found 200 million dollars in cash alone. It was so astonishing that they couldn’t help but take a photograph of the money.


2. Frank Lucas

Frank Lucas was a drug lord during the 1960s. Because he did not hire middlemen, he saved a lot of money. He bought the heroin from Golden Triangle and moved it about in coffins. The popular film American Gangster was made on his life.


3. Klaas Bruinsma

Klaas Bruinsma was a Dutch drug leader who was fondly referred to as De Lange because he was very tall and liked to hear the sound of his own voice. He liked black and wore dark clothes at all times. It was recently revealed that he was close to Mabel Wisse Smit.


4. Ismael Zambada García

Zambada is among the most sought after drug dealers in and around the United States of America. He is wanted by the FBI and the fact that he is said to be the most dangerous drug dealer of all time, should give you an idea about his power and reach.


5. Manuel Noriega

Manuel Noriega was a part of the CIA even though they knew that he indulged in embezzlement and trafficking. He protected those who were close to him and used the bank discreetly and without the knowledge of the CIA.


6. Gilberto and Jose

These two founded the Cali Cartel and silently competed with the Medellin Cartel. However, while the latter gained notoriety and we feared by people all over the world, the Cali Cartel let the world know that they were harmless businessmen. Initially, they were only involved with kidnapping but later started smuggling drugs, particularly cocaine.


7. Joaquín Guzmán Loera

Joaquín spent a lot of time finding hidden tunnels which he then used to move cocaine into America from his home town. He managed to smuggle 7.3 ton of powder in seemingly innocent cans but because the truth was discovered in Baja California, he spent 8 years in jail.


8. Osiel Cárdenas Guillén

Guillén became a part of the Gulf Cartel but was successful in killing the leader soon after. According to archives, he tried to kill two prominent officials in the United States in 1999. After a lot of fighting and tense arguments, the agents managed to escape but not before threatening the drug lord and telling him that he would be caught eventually. He was jailed in 2003 but managed to keep his business alive.


9. Amado Carrillo Fuentes

Amado Carrillo Fuentes was undoubtedly the most powerful drug dealer in Mexico at the time. He used over 22 private jets to transport the cocaine and was worth 25 billion dollars when he died.


10. Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria

Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was the leader of the above mentioned Medellin Cartel. He was killed in 1993 after which the cartel was bought and scattered by the Cali Cartel.

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    You forgot to add Jardine-Matheson. The biggest drug dealers in history.


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