Top 10 Most Powerful Blogs

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6. BoingBoing

This blog is written by a group of so-called geeks, that is, those who are a cut above the rest as far as mental power is concerned. They keep the technology culture alive through this blog and post remarkable and unbelievable photographs on a regular basis. The Directory of Wonderful Things is especially interesting and is a must-visit.


7. Got2BeGreen

There is a hole in the ozone layer and fossil fuels are almost extinct- these are facts that we are all aware of but choose to ignore. The founders of Got2BeGreen definitely don’t as they focus on such products that are not only eco-friendly but also budget-friendly in many ways.


8. Zen Habits

This blog is written by Leo Babauta who guides his readers through a more productive and efficient lifestyle. Topics like ‘eliminating debt’, ‘living frugally’ and ‘organization’ are explored. If you don’t mind going through the various step-by-step procedures, there is no way that your life will not improve.


9. The Conscience of a Liberal

Written by Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman, this blog tries its best to make science simple, understandable and interesting. He looks into the problems that lead to the recent economic meltdown and scrutinizes the Government’s initiatives to bring about a change.


10. Crooks And Liars

John Amato created this blog in 2004 and is fondly referred to as “the Vlogfather” by fans and bloggers. The political blog features video clips that are attention-grabbing and interesting enough to lure even those who don’t care about the issues that he focuses on.

Crooks and Liars received the “Best Video Blog” blog award at the Weblog Awards in 2006  and a “Best Weblog About Politics” at the 2008 Weblog Awards. Time magazine also honoured Crooks and Liars, naming it  one of the 25 Best Blogs of 2009.

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