Top Ten Carnivals

Everybody loves a good carnival! They are all about having fun and keeping up with tradition at the same time. Different religions and cultures are celebrated all over the world with the help of such festivities.

1. The Carnival of Cultures

This carnival takes place in Berlin and is eagerly awaited by its residents every year. The main purpose of the carnival is to support the existence of the various cultures in the city.
The food includes a variety of cuisines, performances and music. The Carnival of Cultures has gained immense popularity and the number of visitors increases every year!

2. The Fastnacht in Köln

Another German festival, The Fastnacht in Köln is considered to be the busiest and wildest carnival in the country. According to research, it initially took place to ward off unwanted and supernatural spirits with the help of mask. People dress up to come together and have a great time.


3. The Aalborg Carnival

This carnival first took place in 1982 when the people of the city realized that they needed to host a festival as well and keep up with the joneses. It is held in May and gets bigger and more widespread every year. The highlights include the Battle of the Bands and the massive parade.


4. The Basel Carnival

The Carnival of Basel goes on for three consecutive days and the festivities support democratic rule. The people of Switzerland love these three days and spend all their time at the festival in their outstanding costumes. The lanterns are especially stunning and confetti is thrown about endlessly!


5. The Winter Carnival

This one is held in Quebec and because the winters are particularly biting in the country, the citizens felt that the season needed some color and so, the carnival was born. The food is delicious and the ice-sculptures are captivating, to say the least. Caribou is the signature beverage of this festival.


6. The Venice Carnival

This Italian carnival stands for the change that takes place when the season changes after winter. It started years back and every aspect is peppered with history and culture. The Venetian Mask came into being because all the residents wanted to be treated equally, no matter how rich or poor they were.


7. Caribbean, Tobago and Trinidad

This carnival came into being when the practice of slavery was rampant among the African Americans. The citizens of the Caribbean could practically write a book about How to Have Fun and this carnival consolidates that fact! The music reverberates through the city and the performances are eye-catching.


8. The Nice Carnival

Those who take part in this French carnival are required to wear masks and bizarre costumes. It is particularly known for its parades and floats as well as the beautiful fireworks.


9. Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is a popular American festival that started during the mid 1800s. Just like the people of Berlin, the American citizens take part in this carnival to show their respect and support as far as diverse religions and cultures are concerned. The color scheme is always purple, green and gold.


10. The Rio de Janeiro Carnival

This is definitely the most colorful and expensive carnival in the world. It stretches over 4 days and everything about it is stunning. Different groups of performers have different themes and they all try their best to enhance the overall atmosphere of the festival.

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