Top 10 Kid Shows That Kids Should Not Watch

There are some good shows on the television that help children learn the alphabet or teach them about numbers. Then there are the following which will only alarm them and scar them for life.


1. Max and Ruby

This animated show revolves around two bunnies-Ruby is Max’s elder sister. It is all very innocent till one realizes that the parents are never around. Ruby looks after Max and pretends to be his mother even though she is only seven years old. Maybe some animated social services should visit the show.


2. LazyTown

The protagonist of this show is named Stephanie and she is a human being. She visits LazyTown and decides to live with her uncle. However, everybody in the town, including her uncle, is a puppet. There is one more human who encourages the puppets to start eating junk food. Humans and puppets live around each other like it is perfectly normal and give the children serious headaches.


3. Teletubbies

Even though this show is quite popular, one cannot deny the fact that it is quite bizarre and should not be watched by kids. What are these creatures meant to be? They have screens instead of stomachs and their voices are nothing if not weird.


4. Oobi

It is difficult to describe the characters in this show. Let’s just say they are played by hands which hold up eyeballs. These hands don’t speak much- they throw about single worlds when they feel like it. If this does not give children nightmares, the Teletubbies surely will.


5. VeggieTales

This show features strange looking anthropomorphic vegetables that play instruments. What’s more, they teach children all about Biblical values and morals. Why?


6. Shima Shima Tora no Shimajirou

Not much is known about this show but one particular episode shows the main character, Shimajirou sitting on the toilet seat as his parents are trying to potty train him. They do this by singing about his ‘activities’ and the toilet lures him towards itself and there are certain loud noises one can hear as the ‘waste’ travels down the drain.


7. Ludwig

Ludwig is basically a gemstone who rescues animals in a forest. He did so with the help of certain gadgets which would protrude out of his body whenever he gave the command. A birdwatcher kept an eye on his activities with his large binoculars. Nobody really knows why.


8. Boobah

Boobah has been created by the same genius who gave us the privilege of getting acquainted with the Teletubbies. These characters had bizarre names like Jingbah, Humbah or Zing Zing Zinbah. They can emit light and musical sounds through their heads and they all live together in a large ball.


9. The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson

This show features two very creepy characters, namely, Chip the Black Boy and Teddy Eddie. While the former sings and plays the guitar even though he clearly can’t do both, the latter is a panda who likes to sing and tell children to stay away from drugs. A good message but the kids will be so mystified that it will definitely not get through.


10. Tomorrow’s Pioneers

This show was broadcast with the aim of teaching children all about the alphabet. However, it is a well-known fact that it is laced with themes like Anti-Semitism, Islamism and anti-Americanism. The main characters were Fargour, Assoud and Nahoul. The fact that one particular episode was called “Farfour and the AK-47” should give you a hint about how bizarre it truly was.

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7 Responses

  1. John Uglyman

    YES…We MUST keep those EVIL Biblical values and morals away from children!!!

    What idiot came up with this list!

  2. admin

    i must admit the list is controversial but please provide constructive criticism. No profanity in comments will be approved.

  3. George

    It’s fascinating that #7 is on this list when Shimajirou is the main characters on one of Japans top young child educational programs. It is excellent and is far better for kids than most any equivalent in the U.S. It’s sad that a lack of cultural understanding about potty training methods in Japan lands this show on this list. For the record the average child in Japan is potty trained far earlier than American children.

  4. Bobbi

    My kids watch Max and Ruby. Did you think that MAYBE it’s summer break and the parents are at work. That’s what my husband and I came up with.

    There’s nothing wrong with the show. Nothing.

  5. gadgets future

    Heya i’m for the first time here. I came across this board and I to find It really useful & it helped me out a lot. I’m hoping to present one thing again and help others like you helped me.

  6. Rebecca

    Although Teletubies and Boobah are both fairly creepy to some kids, others like it. They tend to teach the children lessons, good lessons at that, and though they are creepy to some kids, others really love them.
    Oobi, I guess some people could say it’s creepy, I never did, I thought it was kind of cool.
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with Max & Ruby, Lazy Town, and VeggieTales is a show that I used to LOVE to watch on VHS, even after my mother became an Atheist she loved to let us watch it. She’d even watch it with us! Sure, they throw in tons of bible verses and stuff to go on with their stories, but they can be taken as a teaching material to help children learn right and wrong, manners, and other things. It’s not only enjoyable by kids, but also adults! What’s so bad about that? Vegetables singing, playing instruments, and going through some of the same problems we face? I think that’s a pretty nifty idea, especially with a lot of songs thrown in to make it fun to watch.
    Lazy Town doesn’t teach kids to eat junk food or anything like that, I’ve seen a few episodes and Stephanie, though endulging in child delights such as cake, balances junk foods with healthy foods and good habits. Just like the other human, Sportacus. It’s just like a misadventure with them.
    Max & Ruby, I used to watch that as a kid and I watch it now with my niece still. I don’t see anything wrong with that show either, it’s not too much different than Ed, Edd, & Eddy in the fact that none of the parents show up. Though Max & Ruby still have adults in the show, which sets it apart from Ed, Edd, & Eddy.
    I can’t say anything for the Japanese show (though a friend said he watched it along with Hello Kitty, and I loved Hello Kitty) and the last two as I have never seen or heard of those shows until now.
    I know this is all most likely your opinion, I was just stating my own.

  7. haeley

    maybe you should do a little research before jumping to conclusions. the reason the author of max and ruby left the parents out of the picture was to show children how to interact with eachother and behave without parents around.


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