Top Ten Interesting Casino Tricks

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It is believed that casinos make use of certain tricks in order to ensure that the players stay inside the premises and keep spending their money. While some are quite obvious, others are subtle and will surprise you.


1. No Clocks

It is believed that people who don’t wear watches are not punctual. Casinos are aware of this which is why they make sure that there are no clocks around. Everybody is aware of the fact that if you are engrossed in some activity, time passes by faster. People tend to slip into a state which is quite trance-like and the days meld into nights while schedules are dismissed quite readily.


2. No Windows

Casinos want you to stay within their walls until you are too tired to go on. However, they do not want you to look outside a window and realize that the sun has set or that it is late enough for the sun to be rising again. To put it briefly, they want the world to stop existing till you are in the casino.


3. The Lights, Activity and Loud Sounds

The minute you enter a casino, you can hear loud sounds and beeping and see bright lights every where. The sound of the slot wheels turning and that of change is hard to miss as well. All this noise comes together and makes the player feel as though every body is winning, even if a majority are indeed, losing.


4. The Ambience

The Ambience of a casino is always mellow and the lighting is low. This is done to give the place a comfortable and homey feel. The theory here is- if people feel as though they are sitting at home, they will never want to leave. The carpets and wallpapers are always picked out in such a way that they trick the human brain into thinking of comfort and safety.


5. Location of Restrooms and other Services

Most people are too engrossed in their game to get up and use the bathroom facilities but once they decide to leave, they cash out their chips and walk towards the rest room. Casinos usually have them built way behind the premises so that the player has to walk past the tables and machines and get tempted into playing again.


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