Top 10 Eating Habits That Will Shock You

Some people love to eat and know when to stop. Others eat too much and end up making themselves sick. However, there are some which have the following eating habits that will shock you.


1. Consumption of Dead Human Flesh

Those who eat dead human flesh suffer from Necrophagia. Again, it is not very common but definitely exists among a certain group of human beings. Some like to eat ‘fresh flesh’ while others enjoy eating decomposed flesh.


2. Consumption of Feces

Those who consume feces suffer from Coprophagia and fortunately is quite a rare condition among humans. While some eat only their own, others like to eat other people’s feces as well. Those who suffer from this disorder should get vaccinated regularly as they may contract diseases like influenza or Hepatitis A and E from the feces.


3. Self-Cannabalism

Autosarcophagy is the term used to describe the practice of self-cannibalism. As has already been mentioned, this eating habit can spiral out of control and can be very dangerous. While some eating their own skin, others consume their own blood. A certain individual hosted a dinner part in 2007 and served a pasta dish sprinkled with his own fat removed by liposuction.


4. Consumption of Human Flesh

Anthropophagy is best known as cannibalism and those who suffer from this condition are known to enjoy eating raw human flesh. It has been said that it is very delicious and that if you eat it once, you won’t be able to stop. From a purely scientific viewpoint, it is quite harmless but becomes dangerous when cannibals start eating their own fingers and arms. Cannibalism is very popular amongst tribes and they consider the consumption to be a part of their rituals.


5. Consumption of Earthy Substances

Those who suffer from Geophagy tend to eat chalk and clay as their bodies do not get enough minerals. While it is definitely harmful, scientists have not been able to come to a probable conclusion till date.


6. Consumption of Urine

Even though urine is quite harmless in the sense that it is usually sterile, Urophagia is a serious eating disorder. Those who suffer from this condition tend to drink their own urine as well as that of others. Death may occur if the individual is allergic to urine or if a disease is present in the liquid.


7. Consumption of Glass

Those who consume glass suffer from Hyalophagia. These people die very early because the glass cuts their throat, intestines and stomach almost instantly after being ingested.


8. Consumption of Hair

The official term given to eating habits that involve consumption of hair is Trichophagia. Those who suffer from this disorder chew on hair without pulling it out of their scalps. The body starts suffering due to indigestion and severe stomach pains.


9. Consumption of Wood

The term ‘xylophagia’ is used to describe a condition which involves the ingestion of wood. People who have xylophagia consume tree barks, pieces of paper and pencils on a daily basis.


10. Consumption of Cotton Wool

People who suffer from Anorexia Nervosa often have odd eating habits. While some cut up their food into tiny pieces, others lace their drinks with cotton wool. By doing so, they hope to confuse their bodies by making it feel full and satisfied. Anorexia causes several deaths on a yearly basis and is a very serious eating disorder.

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