Top 10 Creepy Movie Characters

Films over the years have been filled with loving and adorable characters but it has also featured a fair share of creepy and menacing people.


1. Ellen Ripley from Alien

Ellen Ripley was known to bite off another person’s head if they happened to annoy her. Not only that, but she would also return and feed on the rest of the body if she felt like it. Ellen obviously lived by that one phrase- in space nobody can hear you scream.


2. Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street series

We first saw him in “A Nightmare on Elm Street “in 1984 as a stalker who would appear in people’s dreams and kill them. He was disfigured and sharp knife-like razors poked out of his glove. The catch was that these ‘dreamers’ would be dead in the real world as well.


3. Hayley Stark from Hard Candy

Hayley Stark looks young and knows how to play up her charms which she then uses to trap an older man, tie him up and cut up his genitals. If anybody tries to reason with her, she confuses them with her clever answers and dismisses them.


4. Norman Bates from Psycho

Normal is shown to be a respectable man who lives in a large but creepy house which is situated across the motel he owns. He loves his mother very much who tells him that sex and women are dirty. As the movie progresses, we find out that Norman is jealous and obsessive. It is then revealed that he has Dissociative Personality Disorder and that he killed his mother several years back.


5. Carrie White from Carrie

Carrie is a mousy and timid girl whose classmates bully her constantly. Her mother is a religious fanatic and emotionally unstable in many ways. On prom night, the kids at school decide to throw a bucket of pig’s blood on her which irritates Carrie, to say the least. She uses her telekinetic powers to kill everybody in the school gym.

6. Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series

This character supports the practice of cannibalism heartily and wears a mask that is made entirely of human skin. He uses tools like sledgehammers and chainsaws to cut up his victims.


7. Alex Forrest from Fatal Attraction

Daniel Gallagher has a one night stand with Alex Forrest and moves on with his life. However, Alex has other ideas and becomes quite obsessed with the man. She wants to remove every obstacle that she can see between her and Daniel so she does whatever it takes. This includes attacking his wife with a knife and boiling his daughter’s pet rabbit.


8. Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs

Hannibal is introduced as a brilliant psychiatrist who is also a serial killer and cannibalistic. He keeps the audience on the edge because quite frankly, he is creepy. What’s more, he writes extraordinary pieces for medical journals after he is done eating his victims.


9. Jack Torrance from The Shining

Jack is stuck in a motel and he is trying to finish his novel but his wife keeps annoying him. His son is slightly odd and friends with an imaginary friend who is called Tony. Jack then meets some ghosts who like to hang around in the hotel who then convince him to kill his family.


10. Damien from The Omen

Damien is a young boy who likes to stare at people and make them uncomfortable. People tend to die around him. About an hour and a half into the movie, the other characters in the movie realize that something is wrong with the ‘sweet’ child. He is, wait for it, the son of the devil!

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