Top 10 Cat Breeds That Should Be Avoided

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Cats can be quite sweet but then again, they can belong the following breeds- which basically means that they are far from looking ‘cute’.


1. Devon Rex

This breed originated in the 1960s and contrary to popular belief is not related to the German Rex breed. These cats do not have ‘guard hair’ and their fur is very fine. They have very large eye as well as low-set and large ears. Even though they are quite playful, they should be avoided because they look quite ugly.


2. Scottish Fold

A Scottish Fold cat’s ears are very close to their heads. This is because their genes are slightly mutilated which causes their ears to fold over because of which they look quite funny and sometimes, angry. These cats can be cute if you really love cats but otherwise, they are not too appealing.


3. Japanese Bobtail

These cats have puffy tails and tend to hop about like rabbits instead of run like normal cats. Their eyes are usually gold or silver in color and while they are quite expensive, they aren’t too popular as they can be quite startling with all that hopping.

4. Khao Manee

These Siamese cats can have different colored eyes- while one can be green, the other is usually blue. Even though these cats are considered to be a symbol of luck and have been around for hundreds of years, they can look quite scary with their odd-colored eyes.


5. Savannah

Cats belonging to this breed have odd markings which includes spots and stripes that are irregularly placed on their bodies. They are quite large and can weigh up to 16 kilograms. Savannahs can be very friendly and love to play fetch and are known to be as loyal as dogs. However, the fact that they greet their owners and others by shoving their head into them, is quite unusual. These cats like to jump a lot and instead of drinking the water in their bowls, they will bat it out with their paws.


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