Top 10 Fascinating Cases Of Child Birth

Child birth is always captivating but these ten cases are particularly amazing, and sometimes bizarre and paranormal! While some of them can be explained away with science, the rest will have your scratching your head for days.


1. Twins born from Separate Wombs

A woman from Michigan gave birth to twin girls, one from each of her wombs. The likelihood of this happening is 1 in 5 million. This irregularity is called Mullerian abnormality.

2. Different Colored Twins

It is not normal for mixed-race couples to have children that are ‘differently colored’ but there are certain cases every now and then which go beyond what is normal and ‘known’. Miya and Leah Durrant came into the world in 2008 looking alike but with differently colored skin and eyes. What’s more, the couple had given birth to a pair of twins in 2001 and they were different colored as well!


3. Rajo Devi

Rajo Devi gave birth to a baby in 2008, at aged 70, making her the oldest woman in the world to go through child birth. She was unable to conceive all through her life and was menopausal by the time she was 50.


4. Lina

If the oldest mother is 70 years old, the youngest mother, Lina, is 5 years old. She gave birth to her baby who grew up thinking that his mother was his sister and his grandmother, his mother. He lived a normal, healthy life and Lina had another child 33 years later.


5. James Elgin Gil

James Elgin Gil was born 4.5 months premature, but he managed to survive. He weighed 482 grams, which is why he was put into intensive care.


6. Carmelina Fedele

Carmelina Fedele gave birth to the heaviest baby in 1955. The child weighed 10.2 kilograms at birth. Another baby was born in 2009 in Indonesia who weighed 8.7 kilograms.


7. Bhuri Kalbi

Bhuri Kalbi’s baby was born in the toilet of a moving train. She was traveling to some unknown destination and visited the restroom which is when the baby slipped out. The baby landed on the tracks but miraculously, managed to survive and is healthy today.


8. Carolina Chirindza

Carolina Chirindza’s town got flooded one summer because of which she was forced to climb a tree to save herself. She stayed that way for over four days and on the fourth day, she gave birth to a baby girl. Fortunately, a helicopter spotted them and helped her climb down along with her baby.


9. Naked Heart

In September, 2011, Siti Rahma was diagnosed with Ectopia cordis at birth. Ectopia cordis is a rare birth defect that causes the heart to be formed outside the body.

10. First Male Pregnancy

Through artificial insemination, Thomas Beattie became pregnant. Beattie was born a female but underwent a sex change. This was the first male mom ever to become pregnant and give birth.

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  1. Michelle

    9. Cecile, Yvonne, Annette, Emilie and Marie

    Cecile, Yvonne, Annette, Emilie and Marie are identical quintuplets. Their upbringing was quite bizarre and their parents made a lot of money off them. When they realized this, they went their separate ways and live together in Montreal today.

    If you are speaking of the Dione (sp) quints their parents did not raise them the doctor that delivered them tricked the parents into letting him have them when they were born early. He then started a sort of sideshow with them to help pay to take care of them and wouldn’t let the parents have them back.

  2. gabi319

    I wrote this list for months ago (compare the dates on the this published list with “10 Stories of Bizarre Births” on listverse) so I’m surprised to find this elsewhere while wandering around. I suppose it’s not completely plagiarizing; although the items were my own and in the same order as mine, the list here was so condensed that I doubt the submitter of this list bothered to read my own list in its entirety. Case in point:

    Mia (Washington) did not have twins with separate fathers by botched in-vitro procedure. She had sex with two separate men and was impregnated by both.

    James Elgin Gil was able to survive BECAUSE they put him in neo-intensive care. The reason they put him in there was because of his weight (he was heavier than average for that stage in development)

    Kalbi’s destination is unknown because I didn’t list it and your submitter was too lazy to look into other sources for the answer.

    Someone already mentioned the errors in the Dionne item.

    Charles Miller was a lawyer so he knew exactly what he was doing when dividing his assets. Those three lawyers were not retained by him but rather colleagues he knew had a long-standing animosity to one another. Only a portion of his money was to be reserved for the Great Stork Derby.

    I’ve been browsing your site and have seen one or two other submissions that are simply condensed Listverse lists. I’d be more careful with checking up on what other people submit to you. I’m fairly sure the creator of Listverse owns the copyrights to the lists that your submitter had stolen.

  3. daffodil

    I have noticed that a lot of these lists are from other sources, including listverse, and have been plagiarized or (poorly) rewritten.

  4. Tiffany

    The twins wouldn’t be step brothers they would be half brothers…

  5. Rebecca Olesen

    #1 THE TWINS – they are HALF BROTHERS, not step brothers. Half siblings share one biological parent; in this case – the mother.

    I have 2 half brothers & sisters, and I would never be stupid enough to call them my STEP siblings, that would men they came from a totally different family.

  6. Angie

    ACTUALLY… as far as the Twins… they’re not step OR half siblings. “STEP” would be for example if a couple got together and each person had a child from previous relationships, then those 2 children would be STEP siblings bc they don’t share the same parents (not even 1), as where “HALF” siblings share at least ONE of the same biological parents. In the case of THIS article, they are FULL siblings, that share the SAME 2 biological parents. The reason they have different complexions is because their parents are a interracial couple. It is the same with my 2 children. My son is alil darker than my daughter, My daughter took after ME (African American), while my daughter (Who has a very light skin tone) took after her Father (Puerto Rican).

  7. Angie

    … [UPDATE / EDIT]: OK so i just noticed the comment about how the twins were conceived by her having sex with two separate men and was impregnated by both.

    I heard that this could happen and I’m still amazed by it, however I still stand by my previous post as it’s still TRUE. even if you have FULL siblings, they can both come out looking like these twins. my children hardly look related. When we’re out in public, everyone KNOWS my son is my child but do double takes when they see my daughter as though there’s NO WAY i gave birth to her. But when Im with just my daughter and her father, it’s assumed that she is his child alone. i don’t know whether to LOL or =[

  8. Christina

    @Angie, if you go back over the list, you’ll see that there are two twin stories. One of a set of twins (not really) that the mother either had a mix up at the fertility clinic and was inseminated by two different sperm samples and the other set of twins came from a bi-racial couple.

  9. george

    the man having baby is not a man. its a woman. she still has her sex organs so she is a woman. if i have myself butchered and change my name to mary does that make me a female? no. i was born a male and i will always be a male. check the dna. mine will read male and hers will read female.end of story.

  10. Waqaace

    These are really shocking and weird births.. It has really stunned me. I really feel for the boy with his heart outside the body. He and his family must be having tough time with it .! 🙁

  11. Ano

    It’s really stupid for those who think that a man can get pregnant. The pregnant male is so lame.

  12. Da B.

    I can’t believe you people getting your panties in a wad over the “male” giving birth… The obvious was pointed out in the article, that he was born a female. WELL, duh! So now you are simply hating on trans-gender people and should get a life! The GUY (legally) had to quit taking his hormones to become female again temporarily, to have a child. YES, that is top 10 unusual birth whether bigots like you like it or not! End of story.


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