Top 10 Extremely Unusual Looking Creatures

One can find strange looking creatures all over the world but the following really take the cake.


1. King Vulture

Regular vultures are revolting looking with their large bodies and black feathers. However, the King Vulture is very colorful- half of it is black and the rest is white. Its head is streaked with colors like purple, red, yellow and orange.


2. Japanese Spider Crab

The Japanese Spider Crab is gigantic and can weigh up to 20 kilograms. Not only that, but it can reach a height of 13 feet and live more than a 100 years! If you want to have nightmares for the rest of your life, you should look for this creature’s photograph.


3. Whip Scorpions

These scorpions are quite different from the kinds we are used to. They can spray chemicals like formic acid and octanoic acid as well as acetic acid! They are black with massive whips and you will find yourself running for your life if you happen to see one.


4. Upside-down Catfish

These fish like to swim upside-down. According to studies, they do this because they want to consume those particles that are too light to sink to the bottom of the ocean. While most fish have darker upper bodies and lighter bottoms, these catfish are upside down in that respect too!


5. Vampire Moth

This moth looks like a mosquito but has two needle-like structures that protrude out of its head. They like to suck on blood and are extremely ugly and usually yellow in color. If you happen to see a Vampire Moth drinking your blood, do not panic- you will not contract any disease. You will be alarmed because it is not too normal too look at but that’s not as important.


6. Megalopyge Opercularis

The Megalopyge Opercularis belongs to the moth family and is so hairy during its initial years that it resembles a Persian cat. You may want to reach out and touch the soft fur but try not to unless of course you want to inject some venom into your body.


7. Giraffe Weevil

A Giraffe Weevil has a long neck which it uses to build its nests. They are quite startling to look at as they have red bodies and black necks. Some say that they are ugly enough to induce projectile vomiting but that really depends on how strong your stomach is.


8. Andean Cock-of-the-rock

Not only is its name funny, but this creature also looks quite odd- their crests are bulge-like as far as the appearance is concerned and marked with red and orange hues. An Andean Cock-of-the-rock’s feathers are orange, red, grey and black. Yes, it is very colorful but equally ugly.


9. Coconut Crab

The Coconut Crab can weigh up to 4.1 kilogram and likes to eat coconuts. The younger ones have shells which they shed off once they reach a certain age. They love the nuts so much that they adorn the shells and walk about every now and then. Their hobbies include climbing trees and stealing sparkly objects.


10. Barreleye Fish

A Barreleye Fish is undoubtedly the most unusual looking creature on the planet. It has a black body but its head is transparent. Their eyes are placed in this transparent area and are round and green which makes it easier for them to look for food.

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