Top Ten Criminal Lawyers

A criminal lawyer is one who will support you if you get into a horribly tangled mess which seems to get even more complicated as you reach its centre.


1. Christine Hernandez

Christina Hernandez understands that when legal issues are at hand, it is essential to be working with an attorney that not only understands the situation fully but also knows how to get rid of it in practically no time. She taught for over a decade before she decided to enter the field.


2. Harlan D. Mitchell

This lawyer works in Alabama and graduated with an impressive degree from Athens State College. He operated and maintained a number of businesses before starting his own law firm for about 7 years.


3. Roger P. Foley

Foley prides himself to be an efficient and approachable criminal lawyer who is always one step ahead of the game. Many clients feel embarrassed to open up to their lawyers but Foley assures them that he will counsel them through the process, if that’s what they need. The legal system he works under strongly believes that if the client wants to win, he must disclose everything and anything related to the case.


4. Gary Cole

Gary Cole has fought a number of cases because of which he has ample experience in the field of criminal law. He knows that body language plays a major role in uncovering the truth and therefore, allows his clients to react as and when they feel comfortable. He will stand by you no matter what the degree of your offence is and will make sure that you walk out with dignity.


5. Don Waggoner

Don Waggoner works in Florida and works under the national association in the country. He is known for his services at the trial stage and has proved his mettle during such cases that involve capital murders, drug trafficking and vehicular homicide.


6. David Harrison

This San Franciscan criminal lawyer has the basics and specifics of the constitution on his fingertips. Harrison has handled cases that involve drug offense, Dui cases and domestic violence cases through the years and knows exactly what to do, no matter how complex the problem is.

7. Brendan Kelly

Brendan Kelly practices from Colorado and sometimes, Nebraska. This Trial Attorney firmly believes that everybody should have a chance to redeem themselves and raise their voice. His expertise is limited to cases that involve substance or Alcohol use. He is easy to speak to and understands that the client should be comfortable enough from the very beginning.


8. Michael S. Discioarro

Michael S. Discioarro is somewhat of a perfectionist and will go through every minute detail of your case and will therefore come up with a solution that is nothing less than ideal. He understands that the criminal law is very strict but if your rights have been violated, he will find a way of making sure that you come out unscathed.


9. Michael J. Engle

Engle is known for his outstanding skills in this field and even though his practices is not as widespread as some of the above mentioned lawyers, he does his best to ensure that a citizen understands his rights and knows how to fight for them.


10. Jim Schoenberger

Jim Schoenberger understands that everybody is allowed to make mistakes and that even good people are not perfect. He has gained expertise in crimes that involve technology, murder-related cases as well as white collar crimes.

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