Top 10 Incidents Of People Getting Saved By Animals

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Animals are very intuitive and are known to predict natural calamities minutes before they take place. The following are incidents of people getting save by these remarkable creatures.


1. Burning House and Cat

Dianne Busscher’s house woke up early one morning because her cat was crying in the garage. When she reached the cat, she found that the lower part of the house was going up in flames.


2. Drowning Teenager and Dolphin

David Ceci fell into the water when he was 14 years old and unfortunately, he could not swim. Filippo, a dolphin, came and rescued him and kept nudging him towards the surface till David’s father was able to pull him out.


3. Drowning Woman and Dog

Brenda Owen was walking her dog when she realized that a woman was drowning in the river. She could not find help so she started telling her dog to “go fetch”. Penny (the dog) then jumped into the water and swam till she was able to pull the woman ashore.


4. Toddler and Dog

A two year old boy was walking with his grandmother and the family dog, Arf when the pet went into a temper. The grandmother rushed the child inside the house but when the child’s mother came out, she found Arf wrestling with a massive coral snake. Turns out that the snake was about to attack the baby but Arf jumped right in and saved him.


5. Woman and Calf

Janice was working in a pasture when her calf got in her way and did not let her leave. She got annoyed and tried to move but the animal didn’t budge. That’s when she noticed a snake a few feet away from her feet and if the calf had not stood in her way, she would have stepped on it which would have proven to be fatal.


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