Top 10 Incidents Of People Getting Saved By Animals

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6. Surfer and Dolphins

Todd Endris was surfing with his friends when he noticed a gigantic shark in front of him. The marine animal tried to bite off his limbs several times and Todd was about to give up when a number of dolphins swam by and surrounded him. They saved his life and Todd managed to swim out and get help.


7. Woman and Child and Pitbull

A woman was walking with her baby when a man appeared out of no where and held a knife in their faces. A pit bull then charged towards the man who got scared and ran away.


8. Boy and Gorilla

A 3 year old child lost his balance at a zoo and fell amidst several gorillas. The boy fainted after which a female Gorilla picked him up and carried him till she was sure that he would be safe.


9. Swimmers and Dolphins

Rob Howes was swimming with his daughter when a pod of dolphins started pushing against them and formed a circle. This is when Howes realized that a large shark was swimming towards them. The dolphins kept at it till the shark got bored and left.


10. Treo

Treo found two bombs in a particular district the United States and managed to save thousands of lives. The dog should retire soon as he has lived a long and eventful life. Not to mention, he is 8 years old and deserves a break!

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