Top 10 Facts About Death Worth Knowing Before You Die

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Death is always sad but if you look hard enough, it can be quite interesting. This list may be macabre but it is also quite fascinating!


1. Economic Burial

Promessa is a Swedish company which offers economic burials, if that’s what the family of the deceased wants. They will first immerse the body in a certain chemical in order to freeze-dry it and then attach a machine to it which pulverizes it. The end result is that the body turns to dust.


2. Eating Enzymes

There are certain enzymes in our body which kick-start the digestion process and keep it going till the waste is ready to be removed. These are the same enzymes that devour your body on the third day of your death. The bacteria attacks the dead cells and a certain gas is released which adds weight to the body.


3. Dead Cells

When the embryo is developing, a number of cells have to kill themselves. This is programmed and quite routine and happens so that the child is born with normal and not webbed feet.


4. Dead American People Are Not Environmentally Friendly

Americans that are buried in the U.S.A are not too eco-friendly. This is because about massive volumes of formaldehyde, ethanol and methanol are used to embalm the body. This fluid seeps into the soil and destroys it bit by bit. Cremations, on the other hand, release harmful noxious gases into the air which only enhances the holes in the ozone layer.

5. Devoured by Vultures

There is a certain group of people called Zoroastrians in India which place their family members’ dead bodies on the terrace. This is done so that they are eaten by vultures and so that the body is given back to nature.


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