Top 10 Inspiring Movies On Drug Rehab

The following films are inspiring simply because they show it is possible to come out victorious and not give in to the addiction.


1. 28 days

Sandra Bullock stars in this dark comedy about a woman named Gwen Cummings who is forced to check-in to a rehab centre after she ruins her sisters wedding under the influence of drugs and alcohol. She looks at her life in a different light and realizes that even though it won’t be easy, she is willing to start over.


2. Trainspotting

This beautifully made movie focuses on Mark Renton who is trying to rid of his heroin habit. As the movie progresses, we see that his attempts change his equation with his who are under the influence as well.


3. Traffic

Traffic is about four different people who are battling with drug addiction. By the end, the viewers realize that their stories are all inter-connected in one way or another.


4. When a Man Loves a Woman

A woman is battling alcoholism and finds support in her husband who is an airline pilot. She decides that she needs to clean up when her daughter is put in danger because of her. She enters a rehabilitation program and is able to sober up and leave within a short period of time. The pilot has trouble adjusting to his newly independent wife which is when the marital problems begin.


5. Drugstore Cowboy

Several drug users come together in this crime drama during the 1970s and because they are low on cash, end up cleaning out a number of drug stores all over the country. Bob Hughes played by Matt Dillon realizes that he needs to clean up his act after disaster strikes and he has no other choice.


6. Not My Kid

Not My Kid is about a teenager who enterer a drug intervention program supervised by the infamous Dr. Royce. The drug addicts are made to interact with each other during group meetings and share stories from their past. The girl’s parents find this aspect horrifying and remain in denial till she takes them through the details of her drug addiction.

7. Clean And Sober

Daryl Poyner is a well-known real estate agent who is battling with a severe cocaine problem. He wakes up one morning beside a woman who seems to have overdosed on cocaine and he also finds out that some money has been stolen from his bank account. He runs to a drug rehabilitation centre in order to avoid the law which is when he meets Morgan Freeman. This is when he realizes that he ran to the right place.

8. London Kills Me

London Kills Me is about a young man who wants to pull himself out of the drug scene in London. However, he can only do this if he can present the drug lord with a pair of shoes.


9. Lady sings the blues

Billie Holiday turned Elinore Harris, spends most of her life as a prostitute and a cleaning woman. She is raped several times after which she fulfills her dream of making it big as a jazz singer. The pressure of it all leads her to abuse substances like heroin. Her friends help her through it all and encourage her to give up the habit.


10. Little fish

Little Fish is about a recovering drug addict named Tracey Heart who must help her ex-boyfriend leave behind his addiction as well. It almost triggers off her own addiction but she manages to stay afloat and realizes that she has to face the music in the end.

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