Top 10 College Courses That Should Not Exist

Many colleges all over the world have changed their curriculum to include inane and unnecessary courses. There are many more but the following are the best of the worst.


1. The Unbearable Whiteness Of Barbie

A course called The Unbearable Whiteness Of Barbie is mandatory for those who enroll themselves in Occidental College. This course explains how every element of racism has come together to create the popular Barbie doll. Students are supposed to read pieces by Karl Marx and Sandra Kisneros but really, why?


2. The Theology of Eating

This course is a part of the curriculum at Loyola College. It explains how there is an undeniable link between the act of eating and God. The religious angle to picking up a fork and eating some noodles is given serious thought.


3. Stupidity

This course is a part of Occidental College as well and no, students do not need to be stupid to study it. It explains how stupidity does not equal ignorance but is actually ‘double of intelligence’ and not its opposite. Students will have to read pieces by the likes of Friedrich Nietzche.


4. The Joy of Garbage

This course is definitely a waste of time and is offered by Santa Clara University. It attempts to explain the difference between the features of waste, garbage and discard. It is said to be a scientific course for those who don’t really care about the subject. The students will be required to carry out research through the year and work around with data that is most likely to be some garbage.


5. The Art of Sin and the Sin of Art

This course is offered by The Rhode Island School of Design and those who are a part of it will have to analyze and scrutinize the moral elements of both modern and classical artists. Keeping in mind that RISD is quite artsy, the course may just be doing well.

6. Philosophy and Star Trek

Those who are a part of this course will have to read Aristotle and understand the philosophy behind Star Trek. They will also have to understand how the theory of metaphysics has been used in science fiction.


7. Zombies-The living dead in Literature, Film and Culture

This course is taught at University of Alabama. It explains that Zombies and Americans have something in common as far as ‘consumption’ is concerned. He also says that the world thought of America as a zombie, that is, a soulless when George W. Bush was ‘in charge’. It may be a little far-fetched but students enjoy the course.


8. Maple Syrup: The Real Thing

This course is a part of the curriculum at Alfred University. The students will have to study the production process involved in the development of this syrup and the so-called subtleties that are involved. Certain techniques are dissected and alternative methods are suggested.


9. The Art of Walking

This course is in a college in Kentucky called Centre College. When the course ends, the students will understand nature. They will be taken on walks and be told to hand in assignments and will have to walk about a lot.


10. The Phallus

The Phallus is the third unnecessary course at Occidental College. Students are meant to understand why it is important and how it is related to fetish, masculinity, the organs and femininity.

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  1. Nic

    Are all of these actual courses or just modules? Some of them are absolute howlers, even if they are modules but others could make sense if they were just one element of a course. A lot of the time, you can pluck out one module and by itself, it sounds absolutely ridiculous.

    (I have to admit, I’d love to do the Star Trek one for fun though. I wouldn’t delude myself into thinking that it would open the door to any graduate jobs whatsoever, but I bet I’d enjoy myself. :P)


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