Top Ten Coldest Countries

We all like to snuggle up beside the fireplace in winters but the climate of these countries is unbearable. Even when the sun is out, it is dull and keeps the citizens freezing through the years! Here are our top 10 coldest countries and places on earth in no particular order.


1. Antarctica

This is the coldest country of all in the world. Antarctica is a desert. The only difference is that it consists of ice rather than sand, and, obviously, rather than it being hot, it is cold. 98% of Antarctica is covered by ice. For the use of comparison, Antarctica is twice the size of Australia. It is not only the coldest, but the driest and windiest continent, that has the highest level of elevation. The coldest temperature there ever was in Antarctica is −89 °C.


2. Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world, covering approximately one eighth of it. Russia shares boarders with countries such as Ukraine and Latvia, having 143 million people as residents. Winters are very cold and long in Russia, having temperatures cross -40 degrees. Summers are always a slight relief, but we could still see temperatures of rain in the month June, and people wearing winter jackets at that time of year.


3. United States of America

United States is probably not the third coldest country in the world, but who could forget Alaska? We see cold winters nonetheless, and windy cities, such as Chicago. Chicago is, after all, “The Windy City”. But Alaska is the coldest continent there is in US, having temperatures as cold as below 60 degrees. It is a definite hazard for those who live there.


4. Canada

We all thought Toronto was the capital of Canada because it is one of the largest cities in the country. But we thought wrong. Ironically enough, Ottawa is the capital of Canada. With Canada being located not too far from United States, no wonder it is one of the coldest countries as well. Canada is a great place, but the freezing, windy, dry weather make it difficult to adjust. The summers are warm, but they are so short, that they are hard to get used to. In the winter, we wait impatiently for the summer. In the summer, we get ready for the 40°C temperature.


5. Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan was formerly known as the Republican of Kazakhstan, and previously neighbored by Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan. It became an independent country in 1991. Like Canada, Kazakhstan is known to be culturally diverse. It is also known for its brutal winter season. The coldest city is Astana. The rainfalls are extremely harsh and erratic. It is impossible to step out of the house during the winter season without losing a toe or two. The only relief out there is the mild summer season.


6. Iceland

The fact that the country’s name has ‘ice’ in it should give you an idea about how cold it is. The average temperature of the lower regions never goes above 0 degrees Celsius and that of the upper regions is almost always colder than minus 10 degrees Celsius. Iceland is also known as Lýðveldið Ísland.


7. Greenland

Isn’t it a bit ironic that Greenland is in this list? We would think that because it has the word “green” and “land”, the weather would be warm, and we would see a beautiful summer and spring weather outside, but actually, it is the other way around. While the average temperature can fall to minus 9 degrees, the highest will reach on 7 degrees, even during the ‘hottest’ months. The country is covered by a large ice sheet, which is why the sunlight cannot enter the atmosphere.


8. Mongolia

Mongolia is a country located in East and Central Asia, and is boarded by Russia. The capital of Mongolia, Ulan Baron, includes around 45% of Mongolia’s population. It is the largest city in the country. The average temperature in Mongolia is less than 0 degrees Celsius during the winter season and a little above freezing point from April to October. The first two months of the year are particularly cold and the temperature can go as low as minus 20 degrees. The water freezes up and the precipitation is biting.


9. Finland

Finland is a cold country, but not as cold as the countries listed above on the list. It is covered in snow for about 4 months during the winter season. The temperature can drop to minus 20 degrees but fortunately, the summer is quite tolerable. Lapland is the coldest region in the country mainly due to the bitingly harsh winds.


10. Estonia

Estonia is a relatively small state, with a population of about 1.4 Million. Compared to the rest of the countries on this list, Estonia isn’t all the freezing but it is definitely a little too cold for comfort. This is because the rainfall comes and goes as it pleases and can cause a massive drop in the temperature, no matter what part of the year it is.



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  1. Canada

    The prairies in Canada can go as low as minus 15 degrees. Is that the best you have found? The east side of the contry can go as low as minus 20 to 35 during winter months.

  2. A

    Antarctica is not a country.
    Alaska is not a country.
    Greenland is not a country.

  3. wha?

    USA is colder than Canada?!? Canada and Russia are by far the two coldest countries overall. The prairies in Canada have snow for at least 6 months a year and it gets as low as -40 in January not -15. Finland is balmy compared to most of Russia. Get your facts straight

  4. John

    Yea Antarctica would be a continent, in my opinion. That is just me, maybe 2nd grade geography is not involved in this post? I think below Antarctica (in terms of ranking coldest places) would be Russia, because it includes Siberia. How, oh how, did you come to the conclusion that USA is below Antarctica? We still need to consider Greenland and Canada. The temperatures in this list are ALL WRONG. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. If I’m not terribly mistaken, the record low for Saskatchewan, a prairie province, is -56.7 C. That seems a little bit lower than -15 in my opinion, but maybe my math is off? Please let me know if I’m mistaken.

    You also say, for Russia: “In January, the temperature is a minimum of about minus twenty seven degrees Celsius…”

    Now if I’m not mistaken, the coldest temperature in Russia is: Oimekon, Russia, -68 C. As far as Siberia is concerned, I would be interested to know if it has a min below -27 C, because I’m most certain that the majority of Siberia beats -27 C at least once on a yearly basis.

    Overall I think this page of the top 10 is absolutely horrible. Someone is going to read all of this inaccurate information, and be completely unprepared to visit those locations.

  5. wendy


  6. Linn

    Right now we have temperatures in Finland as low as -40 C. Finland is definitely colder than Estonia.

  7. josh

    Canada is the coldest with an average yearly temp. of -5.5 degrees Celsius followed by Russia at -5.4 and the USA is not the second coldest!!!!!!!!!!!!! it has a current year round temp of +11.3 degrees Celsius year round!!!!!!

  8. Sander

    They are talking about average annual temperatures. In that regard, Estonia may be warmer than Norway and Sweden because Norway has extremely mild winters on the coast and southern Sweden is also very warm.

    I agree though that three names on the list are not countries at all. Most of USA is blindgly hot most of the year compared to other places listed here.

  9. Finn

    Finland temperature drops way below minus 20, we had down to minus 50 one long winter.

  10. stupid guy

    The guy who made this list is apparently a moron, a few years ago, in SOUTHERN norway, the cold dropped to as much as -43 CELSIUS.
    So cold the motor oil in our BUSES FROZE.
    So yea, what you on.

  11. Norway!

    ?? what about Norway?? We’ve seen –51,4 °C during winter, and we’re not even on the list??? soo wrong

  12. Hapag lloyd

    RIDICULOUS! usa is not colder than greenland russia canada or finland or mongolia or kasakasthan. this is completly bogus russia should be number 2 after antartica then greenland then canada. oh greenland is a country !!!

  13. Alexey

    lol? I from north-west Siberia. Here are the temperature of -40C to -60C. For example, in Norilsk (Siberia), the wind reaches 25 m/s at -45. In eastern Siberia, Oymyakon, the temperature reached -71.2C.

    Author of the article stupid.

  14. What!?

    Why is Canada so low on this list? Last year during winter it dropped to minus 40 degrees CELSIUS and stayed like that for almost a month! We even have a warning that says this years winter will be colder than last years! This list must be redone!

  15. Canadian22

    Iceland isn’t really very cold. Yes, the summers are cool, but the winters are quite mild.

    Also, it’s silly to put the USA as being colder than Canada. Alaska and Canada’s northern territories are about equally as cold, but the rest of Canada is certainly colder than the rest of the USA.

  16. Khalid

    Alaska is not USA. It’s part of it but it’s in Canada. They need change it to and show Alaska. And please take away all these lustful images. Stop tempting our self and making us sin if you’re a good person. This life is not real. In the end we’ll be called to account for our intention. Stop allowing satan to win and obey (Allah) G-d.

  17. Khalid

    Number 2 should say Alaska. Alaska is part of USA but it’s in Canada. And please take away all these satanic images. Stop tempting and making us sin (lust) if you’re not ill. Stop allowing satan to win and obey (Allah) G-d. This life is not real. Nothing is except Jihad (striving/staying away from sin for Allah). In the end the Truth (Allah) will call us to account for our intention and doings.

  18. Jenni

    No way is USA the second coldest! Alaska is just one small region of it and the rest of it is warmer! Sorry americans, there are things you’re not good at. Having sucky weather 😀 I don’t think Estonia is colder than Finland either. I happen to live in Finland and compare temperatures to the neighbouring countries every winter and the only one colder to us is Russia.

  19. Jenni

    “Lol? I from north-west Siberia. Here are the temperature of -40C to -60C. For example, in Norilsk (Siberia), the wind reaches 25 m/s at -45.”

    OH my god for real? Majority of these people can’t even imagine what that’s like and what that actually means. Wind adds exponentially to the feeling of coldness. -15 feels like -30 on your skin if it’s windy! It’s absolute HELL to have -25 and strong wind. We actually had last year in Helsinki, which is one of the WARMEST areas in Finland and situated in the far south… On your skin it feels like -50 (if there’s no wind in -50). Colder than -40 and 25 m/s wind is just unbelievable. Just saying that we who live in cold places actually get how awwful it is what Alexey is saying.

    For some reason people from cold countries are kind of proud of its coldness 😀 It makes you have certain pride to know that you can survive in an extremely harsh environment. That’s why you’re gonna get a bunch of pissed off northeners if you don’t get your facts right.

  20. keivii

    Am frm Africa…so glad awa cont. isint cold at all. Whichever country is the coldest on this planet dasnt really bother me at all but the cold i have experienced in canada is sooooooo unbearable…well, thats according to me.

  21. Jenni

    USA is a country like the rest of them. It has its good sides and its bad sides. 🙂 It’s impossible for a country like that to be all good or all bad. It contains such a huge area and population with different sorts of people and ideas. I have nothing against USA, it’s more like the false patriotism that I hate.

  22. Krissok olssonikivnsk

    Canada has a reported temperature of -65 degrees Celsius and a confirmed -63 it’s average temperature is the coldest in the world how is the USA second?!?!!? That is not correct! It’s average is over 10degrees Celsius annually that should not even be in here!

  23. Gera Saar

    Here in Kazakhstan we have -40-50 degrees.. and it’s quite normal here.. In Astana today – 50. Now i feel like frozen fish.. even heatng, special devces don’t help.. so, i don’t think US or Estonia is colder than KZ.. but i wish it was, i wish climate of the north changes, cuz i’m tired:((((((((((( i love warm countries and wanna move somewhere to italy or turkey..
    though KZ is my motherland but i’m Sick and tired of Snow(

  24. Antti

    I live in a small town in north-east of Moscow region, Russia, and I’ll tell you the previous winter was so cold out that almost no one came out from home, the thermometer showed – 47. In that month (February), I went to a friend and I had to walk through the woods, it was hell! I was covered with ice, I want to say that we are always cold, but last winter was like the fridge!
    And I disagree about the United States, Alaska, located on the territory of Canada and Russia*, and in no way relates to the area of ​​the U.S., it’s just a little populated U.S. state, not more …

  25. Cedricdoodlehopper

    First, Antarctica is not a country, second, how is the entire US, including the lower 48 and Hawaii, colder than Canada. And third, who thought Toronto was the capital of Canada?

  26. Dave Potter

    Alaska is a state, not a ‘continent’.
    Antarctica is a continent not a country.
    The USA Isn’t colder than Canada.
    I Didn’t think Toronto was the Canadian capital.
    Kazakhstan isn’t the Fifth Coldest Country.
    Greenland belongs to Norway and isn’t a country.
    Norway and Sweden are Colder than Finland and Estonia.
    Estonia is a country not a state.

  27. Sander

    to Dave Potter: Just wanted to correct you that Greenland belongs to Denmark not Norway…

  28. Rebecca

    I live pretty far south in norway, and last winter, the temperature was almost -30’C. And up in the north it’s even colder… Well, I don’t know, just saying 🙂

  29. Kalle

    Finland, sweden & normay are equally cold and are way colder than iceland. The record low for Finland is -51 degrees & for Norway and Sweden it is nearly the same. The coldest temperature in iceland is -39 degrees, so this list is pretty freaking wrong.

  30. Ada

    If you want to be Scientific and use actual FACTS! America Would not even make this list. If we USE average Temperatures of the Country, As you would think would be the factors to define this list then it would go
    Russia Avg -40
    Canada avg -30
    Mongolia Avg -19
    Finland AVg -7
    Iceland Avg -5
    Kazakhstan Avg – 12
    Sweden Avg-6
    Estonia Avg -5.7
    Belarus Avg -4
    Norway Avg -2.4

  31. Punkgirl

    The ratings go to 1-10. 1 has the coldest 10 has the least coldest. Get your head out of your butts (some commenteers)

  32. Carl Jones

    The coldest temp ever recorded in Sweden is colder than the coldest temp ever recorded in Finland. Both Finland and Sweden get MUCH colder than anywhere in Norway as the ocean air keeps it warmer. That’s not to say Norway is warm, it just doesn’t get nearly as cold as Northern Sweden and Finland.


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