Top 10 Books To Read In The Bathroom

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Everybody likes to read something in the bathroom- be it a magazine or a book. If you need something good to read and pass the time, the following are meant for you!


1. Kamasutra

This book was written during the sixth century and the images leave nothing to imagination. Each and every position is clearly described and the techniques are so detailed that you will be able to practice the art with ease- if that’s what you want!


2. 1001 Books to Read before you die

This book has basically compiled the names and descriptions of 1001 books that should not be missed out on. If you don’t like reading, you can always glance through these recommendations and sound smart in front of a man or woman you want to impress.


3. Poop Culture

This book is so informative, that you will find yourself turning red after a few chapters. When Dave Praegar started writing this book, he obviously wanted to shame the readers but make them laugh at the same time. By the time you finish the book, you will be very well informed about the history and facts of poop, that is, human waste.


4. The Art of War

Written by Sun Tzu, this book is short and sweet enough to be read in single sitting. Maybe it’s not what the author intended, but his ideas are being appreciated by management students who get bored on the toilet all over the world!


5. Grossman’s Cyclopedia

If you have always wanted to say words like ‘cheers’ and ‘bottoms up’ in Korean or Gaelic, this book has been made for you. You will also find answers to various questions related to different alcoholic beverages.


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