Top 10 Worst Natural Calamities That Have Taken Place

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6. The Flood in China

This flood took placed in central China which is surrounded by three rivers, all of which flooded massively. This happened because the snowfall was particularly heavy that year and the water melted and became a part of the river. The spring saw heavy rains and 10 cyclones hit the battered region as well.

7. The Explosion in Tunguska

In 1908, a comet fell into the Tunguska River and exploded. It destroyed over 80 million trees and the explosion stretched across 772 miles. Even though nobody died, people were injured and houses were destroyed.


8. The Tornado in Bridge Creek F5

This tornado went on for 3 days and took 36 lives, about 8,000 houses were destroyed and vehicles fell apart. Thankfully, residents were told to hide under mattresses or in ditches which is why many lives were saved.

9. The Tambora Eruption

Mt. Tambora erupted in 1815 and rated pretty high on the Volcanic Explosivity Index. All the plants and trees were removed from the soil and washed away and about 92,000 lives were lost.


10. The Lituya Bay Megatsunami

This natural calamity caused waves to reach a height of 1,720 feet and according to studies, enough power was generated to completely destroy the strongest skyscrapers in the world. It removed all the grass and the soil and washed it into the ocean.

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