Top 10 Websites That Created Controversy

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Some of the names of controversial websites have been mentioned while generalities have been used to describe the others as there were more than one that fell under the same category.


1. The Pirate Bay

This website exists for those who want to downloaded movies or music- it is legal and illegal- depending on what you’re downloading. The users are given a chance to locate and share torrent files. The Pirate Bay created controversy some time back but because it was found that it offered text files and not data that was illegal as such, attempts to shut it down failed.


2. Ogrish featured such images and data about accidents, executions and war that were uncensored and therefore, shocking. The material was gory and graphic enough to make the viewer nauseous. Its catch line was changed from “Can You Handle Life” to “Uncover Reality” and the website’s design was drastically changed.


3. Rotten

This is another ‘shock website’ which basically collects morbid and gruesome photographs. This includes images of deformities, bloody fatalities and autopsies. Rotten was a subject of great controversy when it was founded about 14 years back but hasn’t changed much since then. The website is truly disgusting, to say the least.


4. Fight Videos

There are certain websites out there that exist for the sole purpose of showcasing gang fights and the like for the viewing pleasure of the public. The more disturbing part here is that kids end up beating each other up just to record it and then post it on the site.

5. Pro-Pedophilia

Websites like NAMBLA are encouraging the development of physical relationships between adults and those minors that give their okay. Sadly, these sites have become quite popular over the years as people like Allen Ginsberg have made it clear that they support the so-called movement.


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