Top 10 Websites That Created Controversy

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6. Murderabelia

This term is used to describe those collectibles that are murder or violence related. Sometimes the ‘art’ is published by murderers and they make a hefty profit in the end. There are certain laws in the United States that prohibit this practices but unfortunately, it is not taken seriously.


7. The Glorification of Serial Killers

Some bizarre websites on the internet tend to glorify serial killers. The creators of such sites seem to be obsessed with the gruesome acts that these individuals carry out and feel the need to talk about them endlessly. Frankly, they need help and should log off the internet and spend their time with psychiatrists.


8. Photos from Crime Scenes

Photographs from crime scenes are collected and put up on the internet. These sites are controversial because not only are they disturbing but also insensitive as far as the victim’s family is concerned.


9. Suicide

There is one particular website on the internet which tells those who have suicidal tendencies to leave behind a ‘good looking corpse’. The creators help users write out suicide notes and the manner in which the text is written is not only convincing but also gentle.  There are others that encourage suicide if people are too depressed and want to ‘leave the world’.

10. Pro-Anorexia

Anorexia is an eating disorder which takes the lives of thousands of young people on a yearly basis. Mindless websites out there encourage such lifestyles that revolve around the disorder and provide ‘helpful’ tricks and tips. Photographs of skinny models are meant to act as ‘thinspiration’ for overweight girls and boys.

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