Top 10 Ways You Can Survive If You Are In A Horror Film

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People in horror films are usually quite stupid- they practically walk into the killer’s arms and ask to be bludgeoned to death. If you ever find yourself caught in a horror movie, keep the following tips in mind-

1. Keep Checking

If a man with a mask is chasing you and you are lucky enough to get into your car in time, take some time to turn around and run your eyes over the back seat. Then do it again- just to be sure. Also, if you have a feeling that somebody is hiding in the boot, find a sharp enough weapon to puncture it because what’s the point of opening it normally?


2. Hide

If you are hiding under the bed or in a closet, try not to keep peeking through the cracks every two minutes. Once you are sure that the killer has left the building, you should check your surroundings carefully and run your hand over the ground.


3. Run

If you cannot find a knife and you are sure that your lipstick will not work, run as fast as you can. Do not be silly enough to think that you will outrun the monster, though. No matter how fast you run on the treadmill in the gym and even if the monster is only strolling towards you, it will catch up with you sooner than you think. But still- keep running.


4. Don’t Be Excessively Brave

If you walk by a deserted building whose entrance is smeared with blood and you hear somebody crying out, do not take it upon yourself to save them. You will get killed.


5. Stay Away From the Undead

Sometimes pets and family members come back from the dead in horror movies. If you own such a pet or are knew the relative, don’t even think of going towards them. They won’t really care who you are as long as you have some meat on your bones that they can chew on.


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