Top 10 Ways You Can Survive If You Are In A Horror Film

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6. Use Your Head

If your friend has never sat through the Latin or French classes with you but suddenly starts speaking in the language and you happen to be in a haunted house, kill them without thinking twice. They are either possessed or dead already so you are only doing them a favor.


7. Pack Your Bags

If the door starts opening and closing by itself after dark or if the piano keys start chiming when nobody is around, do not start using logic to explain it all away. The house is haunted- you need to leave, unless of course you don’t mind sharing the house with these spirits.


8. Move Around in Numbers

If you and your friends decide to spend the night in the woods or an isolated area and you feel the need to walk off by yourself- don’t. Always take three or more friends with you wherever you go because there is always comfort in numbers- unless of course 60 monsters decide to come after you.


9. Use a Weapon

You are seriously delusional if you think that you will be able to defend yourself against a killer or a monster without a weapon.


10. Be Sure That It’s Dead

If you manage to decapitate the killer or the monster, don’t walk away without checking twice. Shoot at it as many times as you can and then run. It will be too clichéd if you think you’ve killed it but it comes up behind you and throws you off the cliff.

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