Top 10 Unusual Recreational Drugs

Many people resort to taking drugs when they are feeling too low and need that ultimate and instant high. The following are the most unheard of and have the most unusual effects.


1. Anafranil (clomipramine)

Anafranil or clomipramine is an anti-depressant but its effects are quite mind-boggling. If the user happens to yawn after taking the drug, he or she will have an orgasm almost immediately. This does not mean that they have to wait for a proper yawn- they can keep yawning deliberately if that’s what they want.


2. DDT

DDT is a pesticide which has now been banned in most countries all over the world. Its effect is similar to that of Ecstasy. A cocktail that went by the name of Mickey Slim was created in the 1950s by mixing gin and DDT.



DIPT is a drug which targets the auditory functions in the brain. This means that the users will find that the sounds around them will be distorted, music will sound bizarre, the pitch on the radio will be lower than ever and some may even experience small-scale hallucinations. Users may feel extremely bloated after taking the drug and will complain about a constant ringing.


4. Saffron

Saffron is usually used to add flavor to food. It is orange or yellow and if ingested, can have the same effects as opium. The Ancient Minoans were avid users of this drug- they mixed it with a particular kind of tea.


5. Catnip

Catnip is generally for cats but many odd people have tried smoking it. They say that the effects are similar to marijuana and that they feel quite mellow and happy through it all. The aftertaste is quite unusual and will leave a cool mint-like flavor in your mouth. The side-effects include coughing and throat-ache.


6. Xenon

Xenon is an inert gas that is present in lamps that discharge gas and in those machines that are used for medical imaging. It is also present in the Earth’s atmosphere and in most anesthetics. Its effects include hallucinations that are ‘vivid and colorful’. One particular user said that it allowed him to focus on one thought at a time and scrutinize memories.


7. Venoms and Poisons

Strychnine and arsenic are two poisons that can have hallucinogenic effects. According to studies and research, it is very easy to get addicted to any of these poisons. As far as venom is concerned, it is said that men in countries like India smoke a snake’s venom because it gives rise to colorful hallucinations. There are certain Native Americans who like eating live ants because that causes hallucinations as well.


8. C-4 Explosives

C-4 is a very effective and powerful explosive. Shockingly, it is also a drug. The effects of the drug include psychedelic hallucinations that leave the user feeling mellow and thoughtful. Side-effects include violent seizures.


9. Urine

Many years ago when people used to get high on amanita muscaria, Eskimos used to drink these users’ urine. This is because the supply of mushroom was limited which is why they did not want to waste it so they turned towards a more economical alternative. Not only that, but they would also feed the drug to reindeer and then eat the animals.


10. Salamander Brandy

Salamander brandy is produced in the most unethical manner- these amphibians produce poison when they realize that they are in danger in order to defend themselves. Therefore, users hang the salamander and pour the brandy over their bodies. The liquid which infuses with the venom is then collected in a cup.

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  1. Man from the internet

    I hate to break it to you, but you won’t have orgasm when yawning after you’ve taken Anafranil. I don’t know where you got that idea, but this has to be one of the dumbest things I’ve heard in a while.
    I have taken Anafranil for ten years, due bipolar disorder, so I have quite a long history with this pill and it does have side effects, for sure, but orgasm after yawning is not one of them.

  2. TheGabe

    Man from the internet is right; this effect has been known to occur, but in a tiny minority of cases. Otherwise good informative article 🙂

  3. ali ba ba

    idk where the author of this got this information but he/she has been told some crazy bullshit or is just ignorant. clomipramine had that effect on 5 percent of people during its testing phase. Aminita muscaria mushrooms are eaten by elk in northern europe and its inhabitants would collect there piss while they were in there delerious stupor. they drank it to enjoy its strange effects and believed it was in some way magical and did not link the mushooms since aminitas look deadly. some actually believe santa clause originated from this custom somehow as it was common for people in that time to say when they drank the urine they would see a man with a white beard in a red and white sliegh wearing red and white. as the mushrooms are, red and white.


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