Top 10 Unusual Recreational Drugs

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Many people resort to taking drugs when they are feeling too low and need that ultimate and instant high. The following are the most unheard of and have the most unusual effects.


1. Anafranil (clomipramine)

Anafranil or clomipramine is an anti-depressant but its effects are quite mind-boggling. If the user happens to yawn after taking the drug, he or she will have an orgasm almost immediately. This does not mean that they have to wait for a proper yawn- they can keep yawning deliberately if that’s what they want.


2. DDT

DDT is a pesticide which has now been banned in most countries all over the world. Its effect is similar to that of Ecstasy. A cocktail that went by the name of Mickey Slim was created in the 1950s by mixing gin and DDT.



DIPT is a drug which targets the auditory functions in the brain. This means that the users will find that the sounds around them will be distorted, music will sound bizarre, the pitch on the radio will be lower than ever and some may even experience small-scale hallucinations. Users may feel extremely bloated after taking the drug and will complain about a constant ringing.


4. Saffron

Saffron is usually used to add flavor to food. It is orange or yellow and if ingested, can have the same effects as opium. The Ancient Minoans were avid users of this drug- they mixed it with a particular kind of tea.


5. Catnip

Catnip is generally for cats but many odd people have tried smoking it. They say that the effects are similar to marijuana and that they feel quite mellow and happy through it all. The aftertaste is quite unusual and will leave a cool mint-like flavor in your mouth. The side-effects include coughing and throat-ache.


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