Top Ten SUVs 2010

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6. GMC Terrain

The GMC Terrain is large and has 4 doors which means that 6 people can easily fit in without having to stop breathing! It comes in 8 different models and the SLT2 AWD is the most popular when compared to the rest. Unlike the other SUVs, it can go pretty fast and the automatic transmission makes the drivers’ life much simpler.


7. Kia Sorento

Kia Sorento can cost you as much as 19 thousand dollars or 27 thousand dollars, depending on the model you select. That being said, the EX V6 4X4 is the best out of the lot- the engine will never give you any trouble and the maximum speed it can reach is pretty decent.


8. Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot is slightly more expensive and can cost you about 40 thousand dollars bout you can be sure that you will be not disappointed. These high-end SUVs can reach a speed of 23 mpg and 17 mpg, depending on the terrain. The models have been improved for this year and the change is quite welcome.


9. Mazda Tribute

The Mazda Tribute has 4 doors and will accommodate 5 passengers. The Grand Touring series is said to be the best because it is slightly bigger than the rest. While the overdrive function is included in the features, it is always optional and the transmission is automatic, like always.


10. Honda Accord Crosstour

The Honda Accord Crosstour is pretty standard as far as SUVs are concerned. It has the usual 4 doors and basic accommodation. It is popular because of the inbuilt navigation system and its features that are state of the art.

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