Top 10 Films Adapted From Books By Stephen King

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Stephen King writes books that are chilling enough to keep you awake at night for a year or so. The following are the scariest of the lot.


1. Pet Sematary

This movie focuses on a pet cemetery which is haunted and if you bury your pet there, it will come to life but not as the cute and loyal creature you remember it to be. A family loses their son and decides to bury him in the same “sematary” for some absurd reason. He does come back but makes it a point to take a dozen people back with him.


2. Storm of the Century

This terrifying story is about an unknown man who turns up during an awful blizzard in some godforsaken island. He is peculiar and knows how to bend the will of those around him to make sure that he gets what he wants.


3. 1408

1408 stars Samuel L. Jackson and John Cusak. It is about a hotel room which has seen a lot of life, so to say and therefore, has quite a dreadful history. Those who visit the hotel keep away from the room but one brave author decides to check in and prove the rumors wrong. Let’s just say he doesn’t succeed.


4. Children of the Corn

Children of the Corn is about a child who takes it upon himself to persuade all the children in town that it is their job to kill the adults.


5. It

Some adults realize that the evil bully from their past has returned. He is evil and he appears without prior notice. He has supernatural powers and he is a clown. The adults aptly name him It.


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