Top 10 Toys For Men

Most men don’t admit it but they would love to carry over their toys from their childhood. Don’t worry- that isn’t weird. However, make sure that he is not playing with teddies, but the following:


1. Cranium

This board game can drive you crazy and therefore, keep you entertained for hours at a stretch. Two groups need to play it and try to reach the middle portion of the board. They will have to keep humming an odd tune, answer questions and spell difficult words back to front. Why? To have fun!


2. Aim N Shoot

If you like throwing all the wastepaper into the bin from a distance just to see if you can make the shot- this game is for you.

3. Razor Xtreme

This is basically like a small scooter and the rubbers are smooth enough to allow you to zoom over any street in the world. You can even rush over curbs and pavements- as long as there is no traffic in sight, of course.


4. Ferrari Model

If you cant afford the real deal, you can get somebody to create a dummy for you. Place it in such a way that you cannot help but admire it every time you are in the house. This will not only encourage you to buy the real car but also keep you happy.


5. Super Soaker

This is basically like those guns that squirt out water but much bigger. It may sound shocking but more adults buy this toy when compared to little children. Round up some old friends and play for hours and call it a day! Frustrated men can always point it at their wives if they don’t mind sleeping on the couch for the rest of the year.


6. Barbie Dolls

Don’t be shocked- it can actually work pretty well if your wife is constantly asking you to develop a sensitive side. It will actually help and your relationship with your children and your wife will improve. Try not to tell your friends about it though- you will get teased till the end of time.


7. Taboo

Taboo is an interesting board game- you are given the name of an object and you to describe it- but there’s a catch- you cannot use the words that are mentioned in the placards that come along with the game. Make sure that you know how to think on your feet though- otherwise you will find yourself throwing it out of the window.


8. Radio Controlled Cars

Every man will agree that this is the best toy ever! You can use the control to maneuver it all around the house or your street. Get your son one as well and you will never get bored! You can also use it to keep your pets entertained. They will chase it about and not keep bothering you.


9. Telescope

If the sky and the celestial object interest you, you can buy a telescope and gaze out till the sun comes out. The focal point can be changed and allow you to reach every inch of the night sky. It can also work as a great conversation piece.

10. Pull My Finger Fred

Fred is a toy and if you pull his finger, he will emit a noise that is all too familiar. Fred will also say funny things that will crack you up and have you in split within seconds. However, if you are looking to impress your girlfriend, put it back on the shelf in the toy store.

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